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These handy, compact and extremely lightweight fold up Track Mats can go along with you anywhere… in your trunk, behind your seat and even under your arm. Made from thick, durable and stain resistant vinyl and filled with soft, thick cushiony foam makes for a comfortable session while working under your car at any time. Use on the road, in the field, and even in the garage at home for the lowest clearance "creeper" you'll ever find! Fold it up and use it as a bench cushion in the stands at the game or at the track! Washes off easily and folds up in less than 5 seconds.




Fold it up and use it as a cushion when kneeling as well as a mobile 2 pound creeper when laid out flat!

NOTE: Black also looks and stays the cleanest after use

This is NOT an "exercise mat", but a specific product dedicated for rough automotive use with tough, heavy weight vinyl covering that is tear, scuff, grease and oil resistant. The padding is much firmer than other mats to resist stones and such from poking into the body lying on top when used in adverse conditions and uneven terrain. Folds flat and firm, not fluffy and bulgy.