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Aircraft AN fittings not only require special wrenches to keep them looking good while securing them for maximum sealing and reliability on the vehicle, but need a way to secure them in while making the lines up ion the bench. Using a standard steel jawed vise on these expensive fittings can ruin them as well as not securely tighten them, possibly resulting in leakage and equipment damage.

This professional aircraft service vise jaw set is made from the highest quality heat treated aluminum and machined to exacting tolerances for a precise fit, and hard coat anodized for long lasting service and wear. Soft enough to reduce knicks and gouges on fittings, yet hard enough to exert the necessary force needed to firmly secure AN fittings properly.

Multiple milled clamping angles allow for numerous positioning and various sizes to be held in just about any position needed for just about any requirement or application. These jaws can be used to hold a plethora of other sensitive parts as well. 

The unique corner reliefs prevent contact at the edges of the AN fittings, thus eliminate rounding and marring of the surface.

The flush mount magnetic backing built into the Jaws provide instant attachment to most vises to quickly change your vise over to an AN hose building center.


Multi-option Aluminum soft vise jaws (pair)
4.00" long x 1.625" tall