Our Ford 9" Missile Proof Rearend© is custom and hand made to each customers individual specifications.
Here is a detailed list of standard features included in each system. Here are just some of those options...

All Featured Components-                  $2995.00  (all standard listed features ready to be set up and installed)
Components, Assembly & Set Up-     
$3595.00  (gear set installed, set up and ready to go with customer supplied yoke)


H.D. Nodular 3.25" bearing case w/ Forged caps
Daytona Pinion Support
Richmond 69 series street-off road gears
A.A.T. Corp solid pinion spacer & shim set
Timken HD Daytona Pinion roller bearings
Timken HD Daytona bearing races
Timken HD 3.25" Carrier roller bearings
Timken HD carrier bearing races
Timken HD pinion pilot roller bearing
National High-Speed pinion seal
National pinion O-ring seal
Raytech Hi-Strength ring gear bolts
Super Heavy Duty Chromemoly 40 Spline Spool
Custom length 40 spline axles w/Gold bearing ring
Extended length 3" high-strength 1/2" wheel studs
7/16" thick machined steel bearing retainer plates
Custom H.D. sealed roller wheel bearings
Super tite bearing retainer collar rings
Custom Oversized inner wheel seals
Professional ultimate gear set up
Pre-load pinion w/solid pinion spacer
Press fit ring gear onto spool
Drill & Safety wire ring gear bolts
Install & locktite #640 wheel studs (10)
Press on axle bearings with locktite #640
Press on axle bearing locking collar w/locktite 640


Aluminum 3rd member case
Aluminum pinion support
Fluid cooling pump pinion support
Light weight steel spool
Aluminum spool
79 Series competition-only gear set
35 spline Pinion gear & ring gear
35 spline Pinion yoke for 1350 U-joint
5/8" wheel studs
Oil bathed roller wheel bearings