2004 Ford Excursion


"Photos of the Aftermarket Accessories & Upgrades"

BOTH the drivers door, passenger as well as rear tail gate have individual remote keyless entry lighted keypads allow your family to enter on their side in the rain without a key or your assistance.

Polished stainless steel door handles add a level of elegance that makes this vehicle stand above any other.

The unique Power Stroke emblem in the back tells all behind you that this luxury cruiser has some serious stuff under the pedal waiting to hear that command. Note the entry keypad on the rear gate as well for 360 degree immediately keyless access.

the Edge power controller with digital gauge read outs monitor your engine and add up to five dash adjustable levels of power increases up to 150 additional horsepower and 300 ft/lbs of additional torque.

the locking brushed billet aluminum fuel filler door keeps the 46 gallons of fuel safe and adds a touch of elegance and sportiness all at the same time. The zoopseal coating eliminates cleaning or polishing.

The polished billet aluminum third brake like cover really dresses up an otherwise plain area of the back. The zoopseal coating eliminates any cleaning or polishing keeping it great looking all the time.

It's the details that really make this vehicle stand apart from all the rest and truly make it one of a kind. The custom decal on the rear window reduces the appearance of the size of the rear glass making the entire vehicle look slimmer and trimmer. One of the many countless upgrades that make this rig unique

The telescopic towing mirrors slide in and out for towing visibility as well as fold either forward or back to make clearance for car washes. The side lenses have integrated LED parking and signal lamps for increased awareness as well as the very unique color coded housing which is only found on the King Ranch model F350 pickup trucks.

Power and respect is commanded the huge 4-1/2" Stainless Pipe and tells passersby that this is not just any other ordinary Diesel.

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