2004 Ford Excursion


"Photos from the Interior"       ...Dash and Accents

The beautiful wood grained dash and accents really launches the interior into the stratosphere of sheer elegance and style. 40 separate pieces adorn every corner of the interior to be revered by any guest entering your cabin. Note the billet aluminum pedals and  Garmin GPS with the Prodigy brake controller and mount beneath it for instant towing capabilities that nearly make even the largest trailers invisible. The Edge engine controller computer module is also optional providing an additional 150hp and 300 ft/lbs torque

The warm, comfortable ambience the rich wood and leather interior emanates takes your breath away every time to slip into the soft plush leather seats. The Rolls Royce level interior coupled with the Mack truck like performance outside make this a one of a kind truck to enjoy while on vacations, towing a heavy load or just going shopping.

The beautiful wood grained accents are found everywhere matching the factory wood grain perfectly. Even the window control switch panel is enshrouded in luxurious elegance with the deep rich wood grained accents. The seat and Pedal memory buttons below allow different settings for different drivers to be set and memorized for one touch get in and go operation perfectly aligning the seat and pedal height with no effort at all.

The beautiful wood grained accents continue even on the ceiling as they trim the overhead council. All rear AC and heat controls as well as rear quarter window power openers and even a trip and fuel mileage computer read out with storage for sunglasses and built in 3 button garage door opener programmable to your needs.

Chrome covered Brake and Hood handles set off the otherwise plain plastic access devices, while the billet aluminum parking brake, brake, and accelerator pedals both look great and feel great to drive. no detail was left uncovered for this vehicle!

The custom molded soft plush carpeted floor mats fit like a glove and act as a container to keep water, dirt and slush in the mat to be emptied later on. The sealed backing will not allow moisture to seep through. These same custom fit mats are fitted on all three levels of seating.

A full on board air control system activates the independent on-the-fly front and rear air suspension ride heights as well as sounding the semi air horns and powering air tools and filling tires from it's underbody air tank reservoir. Everything is at your fingertips in this out of the way compact control center.

Brushed Aluminum door sill tops and polished Stainless Steel kick panels really grabs attention as soon as the doors are opened to allow your pampered guests to enter the most unique vehicle they probably have ever seen

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