2004 Ford Excursion


"Photos from the Interior"       ...DVD & Rear Seat Controls

The rear seat area has a continent flip down 7" wide screen surround sound DVD Entertainment system to keep everyone occupied on long trips and even in the mall parking lot.

The DVD is crystal clear with brightness settings to adjust for any environment. This complete entertainment system is a factory installed Ford option for a clean, perfect fit and operation. All the 6 stereo speakers are used to completely surround you will thundering bas and crisp clean highs, just like a mobile movie theatre!

The DVD system has all the features and controls of an in house entertainment center and more! You can also plug in a TV tuner and watch air broadcast television channels on VHF and UHF.

The other side of the entertainment system holds the rear climate control center for the heating and air conditioning independent from the front climate system. The huge dual heating and air conditioning system can create up to 90 degrees of warmth in 10 degree weather, or drop down to 65 degree cooling in 100+ degree weather. This is serious power!

The Radio and CD changer can be also controlled from the rear with full adjustments for volume, station, band and even an ear phone jack is available for private listening. One of many power points provides 12 volt current for whatever your needs desire.

Twin infra-red wireless headphones and a wireless remote controls commands the entire entertainment system for the rear occupants.