2004 Ford Excursion


"Photos from the Interior"       ...Gauges and Controls

The nicely laid out instrument cluster incorporates a speedometer, tach, oil pressure gauge, fuel level gauge, water temp gauge and transmission temp gauge along with a digital odometer, trip odometer and even a built in diagnostic code reader to pin-point and reveal engine light codes if they appear.

The redundant steering wheel controls harbor the cruise and speed controls on the left. On the right side of the steering wheel, these buttons control Radio volume, Radio station selection, CD & DVD track selections, Band selections as well as climate control temperatures and fan speeds all at your finger tips without removing your hands from the wheel.

The premium sound package includes and in dash 6 CD changer, stereo and DVD controls for the rear seats. The climate control heater/AC control allows you to set the temperature you want and it automatically adjusts the heat and AC perfectly to your liking, all by itself. And external temp shows the outside conditions as well.

The electronic touch on the fly 4x4 system remotely locks the manual hubs rather than the common and problematic ratchet system found on other lesser vehicles. The rear window defogger compliments the rear wiper and the rear back up sensors aid you in reverse by notifying you of any objects behind you and telling you the distance away.

The overhead council controls the independent rear heat and AC controls as well as sending the control capabilities to the rear to let passengers adjust it themselves. The rear wind wing's can be opened and the trip readout center displays compass heading, instant and accumulative miles per gallon records, as well as miles to empty readouts. The display also warns as fuel gets low.

The programmable built in Home-Link command center on the drivers visor allows you to program and open up to three separate garage door systems with openers.

On each of the four doors you can raise and lower your window, and on the fronts doors are power door  lock controls for all 5 doors. The drivers door can power all 4 windows, lock the controls from each user as well as electronically control each side mirror. The drivers window has one touch automatic window roll down so you don't have to hold down the button.

With a simple touch of this dash board button you can set the level of the gas and brake pedals by a power ed system, making every driver a perfect and comfortable fit every time.

On both front and drivers reclining and adjustable lumbar supported seats, lies more comfort controls. First is the heated seat control. Then you can raise and lower the entire seat, or just the front, or just the back not to mention bringing is closer and farther away from the steering wheel.

Both the pedal settings and seat settings of the drivers seat can be "remembered" and recalled for two separate drivers in a touch of a button. Press your preset button and the pedals instantly adjust as well as the seat you your exact setting. Really nice for multiple drivers of different tastes and sizes.