Photos from the Exterior

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All lit up and ready to head out to a fine restaurant to celebrate the opportunity to own such a majestic piece of machinery. There are 24 running/parking lamps illuminated and 4 more headlamps to make a total of 28 points of lights on this road king. Thanks to many of them being LED bulbs, there is very little current draw letting your alternator run freely, while maximizing fuel mileage. While there are a lot of lights, like everything on this truck it is very tastefully done.

The smooth beautiful lines of the hood, scoops, hood protector, billet grill and special edition headlamps makes a simple photo like this look like it should be framed and hanging on a wall of a fancy boutique. But wait! It's just a truck!

  ...or, is it?

Even a simple picture of just the cowl looks like a work of art. The deep, deep rich black paint is gorgeous in any type of light and the trim looks almost brand new.

Looking down the side of this truck with the glow of the setting sun reflecting into the long smooth side panels is almost like looking into perfectly polished mirror. While many might be amazed at this, it is really accomplished quite simply with just a periodical car wash and an occasional wax now and then. That's it!

The unbelievable paint even looks great in the rain. The rain beads into glistening drops shedding with gravity making this truck one of the easiest to keep clean that you will ever find.

The rear fenders reflect the trees overhead like a polished mirror, appearing almost like framed artwork in a revered museum.