Photos from the Exterior

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Smoke tinted in-channel Vent visors provide shade from the sun as well as allow you to drive with the windows open during a warm summer rain. The dark smoke tinted privacy glass all around and including the sunroof keeps you cooler in the sun, lets your air conditioner work better and provides a level of privacy from others around you. It also really makes this black truck look even more mysterious and sleek.

The telescopic chrome covered power mirrors with integral turn signal lamps extend out for towing wide trailers, and also fold in either backwards or forwards for tight places and prevent damage if impacting and obstacle. The integrated lower wide angle mirror eliminates blind sports and provides increased visibility for both safety and an ease during lane changes.

The professionally painted to match twin hood scoops were positioned and mounted just perfectly to enhance the look of the truck. They are not made "functional" since there is no airflow at the front or rear of the scoop and the deletion of the "grilles" at the front of the scoops was chosen to make the smooth flow and gentle lines of the truck blend and meld together. So the grille's were remove and as you can see, the perfect lines and paints are near show and concours level quality.

The smoke tinted hood protector deflects bugs up and over the twin hood scoops and the windshield. The blacked out special edition headlight housings make this truck look very different from any other. The PIAA high output headlamps and fog lamps cut through the darkness like a butcher knife. The beautiful paint is and has always been meticulously hand polished and hand waxed and routinely detailed in between. While this truck can work hard, it is hardly a work truck in appearance! "Amazing" is the only word that can be used to describe this rig.

The chrome tail light covers accent the final touches from top to bottom, and front to back. It's a perfect combination of a lot of small details that make the big picture, not a lot of large overpowering additions.

At first you do not see all the details and only see a really, really nice truck even thought you may not be sure as to why it is. After seeing all the little nuances here and there and everywhere, it all makes sense. and that is the recipe for a result of both taste and class. And possible in a
dually pickup of all things!

The hard shell roll back bed cover looks good and protects your load and has the strength to hold up feet of snow without a problem. Unlike soft covers, it is really a series of aluminum bars covered with black vinyl that rolls back into a canister at the front of the bed resulting in maximum protection and lockable security. When unlocked a mere flick of the wrist lets the spring loaded cover roll back to the front of the bed, or lets you lock it anywhere in place along the track in 6" increments. And the bed front canister will still let you haul 8' sheets of plywood in the box with the tailgate closed.