Photos from the Exterior

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External keyless entry keypads are located not only on the drivers door, but on the passenger's door as well. The lighted keys allow for night operation and can open and lock all four doors from the outside without a key.

Polished stainless steel door handle trim adorns all 4 doors as well as the locking tail gate handle.

The tail gate spoiler is not only very aesthetically pleasing but is also functional to keep the tailgate clean from road debris.

The polished billet aluminum fuel door is lockable while it protects your load of precious fuel. This is a very classy and tasteful appearance enhancement that perfectly matches the other exterior polished aluminum and stainless steel accessories.

The polished billet aluminum cargo bed lamp and thrid brake light cover is  perched just above the smoked rear window vent visor, which shades the sun as well as allows the rear remove electric center window to be used for ventilation even in the rain.

Six (6) LED amber waterproofed clearance lights are discreetly mounted below the rocker panel for aesthetic illumination at night as well as lighting up the step bars at night for a safe and sure foot placement when getting into the cab. Three (3) more LED red clearance lights under the rear tailgate round out the lighting package

The custom installed twin C.B. antennas are mounted close to the cab for maximum discretion and being tuned perfectly for maximum range. The 4' black color coordinating fiberglass antennas have a quick release connector so they can easily be removed in a matter of seconds with just as flick of your wrist when running through a car wash or for added stealth and security.

Front and rear contoured and form fitting mud flaps are made just for this vehicle and fit as if they were part of the body. They protect the paint and look very sporty and classy while doing it, unlike the big wide and flat rubber "Yosemite Sam" or "Big Wonderful Wyoming" mud flaps you see.

Every details about this truck was intentionally thought out and weighed for maximum performance, appearance and functionality.

Rear and front polished clear and coated aluminum wheels with 6 recently installed new BF Goodrich tires.