Photos from the Interior

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If you have ever wanted to fly a 747 or command the space shuttle, this might be the closest you will get. Everything has a purpose and everything is in it's place, with class and taste. When not in use a compact CB mic can be stowed under the center console.

The drivers cockpit also known as the mobile command center at night is a thing of beauty and an illuminating  work of art. The subtly lighted displays are pleasing to the eye and all dimmable to your liking.

left- The headlamp and running light control knob pointed to the "auto on/off" position. The rocker button to the right allows the high & lo beams to be on at the same time.

right- Left rocker button flashes the tails lamps and the right button flashes the headlamps when passing someone or being passed as a truckers courtesy.

left- The buttons above control all the features of the in-dash information center. The double auxiliary overdrive can be set either in manual (slit shifting) mode or fully automatic mode.

right- The compact CB radio has all the channel and volume controls in the mic and speaker handset.

left- One of 4 polished billet aluminum door lock knobs.

right- The drivers panel controls both outside mirrors, all 4 power windows and the door locks.

left- The rocker switch increases the pressure in the rear air bags for the right or left side while the two buttons below release each side's pressure. The dial has two indicator needles to read both sides independently

right- The buttons in the center control the shock dampening for the front and rear independently for an absolute perfect ride no matter what the conditions. The left dial reads the front shocks while the right dial reads the rear shock absorber dampening.

left- The Polished billet aluminum accelerator, brake and parking brake pedals are complimented by the chrome covered hood and brake release handles.

right- The heated 6 way power front seats with recliner and lumbar support adjustments

The Banks engine command module controls engine performance, adds up to +138hp & 231 torque, tracks engine parameters, fuel mileage, GPS positioning and max engine & trans temps, RPM's, boost, & much more! The item being monitored can be changed to a big list of options.

-left: The display color can be changed in an infinite selection of color.
-center: The gauge read out appearance can also be changed
-right: It records the max values you can also set alarms for.

-left: Fuel and mileage monitor helps you drive.
-center: "taxicab" feature lets to see what you are using real time.
-right: View & read trouble codes so you  can diagnose or clear them immediatley.

-left: Compass, altimeter, grade, etc
-center: Satellite location & strength.
-right: Time and speed test page