These ultra-high quality timepieces feature second hand movement and are powered by a single "AA" battery. The beautiful life-like reproduction on the face will give you the sense that you are in the scene yourself! The selected scenes work well in your shop, study, workplace or anywhere you want people to notice these incredible works of art.

If you would like a custom clock with your personal image professionally imprinted on the face, Add $15 to any of the below designs, send in a high qualtiy photo or 2mb .BMP file. Average turn around time is 1 week. Specify frame color. Take an additional 10% discount off multiple custom clocks with the same image.

Special Edition "Black Thunder" '67 Bronco clock. Full color high quality reproduction of the famous Bronco seen all across the world, on the Frame Twister event at the 1998 Top Truck Challenge. Clock is as tough and formidable as the truck featured on it's 8" face. SPECIAL SALE!  $19.95

The nature edition is a live rendition along the famous Colorado 4x4 Trail, Schofield Pass. Shown here is the Lost Horse Mill in the Historic ghost town of Crystal. The big 8" face allows Colorado's natural beauty to fill any room it hangs. SPECIAL SALE!  $19.95

Special Edition "Quagmyr" Chevy clock. Full color high quality reproduction of the what could be argued as the most recognizable truck in the world." This selected scene puts the mighty Quagmyr on a precarous mountain trail high up in the Colorado Rockies. This clock will gather as much attention as the famous truck depicted on it's 8" face. SPECIAL SALE!  $19.95

Special Edition "Trail Bound" '65 Ford Bronco of Roy Schachtschneider. Taken on Colorado's most treacherous trail, Schofield Pass. This colorful reproduction radiates as much color as being there yourself. The clock will count the seconds while it soothes the nerves and fuels the spirit of the wild from it's 8" face. SPECIAL SALE!  $29.95

A portion of the proceeds for the above sales go to the owner of the vehicle depicted on the time piece

Limited Edition "Top Truck Challenge '98". All the players in the famous and legendary 1998 TTC event put on by Four Wheeler Magazine. This was one of the unique year's when all the "big Boys" came out to play, with some of the most memorable machinery ever seen.  Each contender's vehicle is placed on the clock in the order they finished in the overall competition. Each drivers personal photo accompanies their signature, captured on the official TTC schedule which lists all the events that took place. This is a truly unique one-of-a-kind commemorative time piece that remains for all time. You can say, "it's half past the Scorpion, and Quarter to the Quag!" Super Hi-quality reporductions easily visible on the spacious 12" face. 25% of the proceeds go to the competitors for every sale of this memorable keepsake of 4x4 history. 

Uniquely Custom Timepiece with an 8" clock face surrounded by a solid ring of blue tinted transparent acrylic plastic. The ring reflects ever changing colors to the viewer. Behind the beveled clock hands is a depiction of a 1965 427 S/C Cobra. The unique time indicator numerals resemble speedometer numbers. A platinum silver ring separates the blue from the clock face itself. Ultra-high quality timepiece features moving second hand.

PRICE: $49.95

Fabulously designed Custom Timepiece with an 7" clock face surrounded by a solid ring of red. The clock face depicts a 1965 427 S/C Cobra bearing down on the viewer. The unique time indicator numerals resemble speedometer vintage numbers. Ultra-high quality timepiece features moving second hand. High quality color graphics printed on coated glossy photographic paper.

PRICE: $29.95

Feature YOUR Cobra on any of these clocks! Just send us a high quality photo or 2mb .BMP scanned image.

PRICE: +$25.00 (added to any of the above clock prices.)