An in depth look at the operation of one of the most unique shock absorbers to hit the market in a long, long time...

When the body of the vehicle moves up and down, only the body of the shock moves, therefore the reactive inertia valve are not activated. The shock is stiffer, resisting body roll and thus, increasing handling...

The Edelbrock IAS shock may not be the best all shock out on the market, but if your vehicle and driving style fit it's relatively narrow performance application, it can be a very good choice indeed. On mild terrain with relatively limited wheel travel, Edelbrock's IAS technology works different that most shocks.

The IAS can tell the difference between body roll, and wheel movement. If the comparatively slow movement of body roll activates the internal valving, the shock responds with a restive stiff control to minimize sway and body roll. However, if the relatively quick movement of a wheel dropping into a pot hole activates the inertia valving, the shock now responds with a smooth, gradual release of the suspension in a controlled action.

The IAS won't necessarily soften a stiff sprung suspension, but it will smoothen the ride on the typical roadway surface while providing maximum handling and control at the same time.

How the Edelbrock
IAS Shock Works

When the suspension moves up and down, only the shaft and piston of the shock move, therefore the reactive inertia valve is activated. The shock is smoother, allowing for wheel movement without pulling or pushing the body, thus improving the ride quality...

The Edelbrock IAS shock may be an ideal on road/light off road shock, however, the Rancho 9000 would be ideally suited for more serious off road where the harshest conditions prevail. The much stouter Ranch 9000's shock body and shaft size dwarfs the smaller Edelbrock IAS's components. The larger shafted Rancho can better cope with high articulating suspension systems where increased stresses are applied into a bending force exerted onto the piston and shaft. Even so, the intended application of the IAS and it's performance is impressive.

How to Fit Edelbrock Shocks

Since vehicle weight, unsprung axle/rim/tire weight as well as spring pressure all have a direct and important bearing on how Edelbrock designs their shocks for each particular applications, you absolutely MUST select the shock that's listed for your vehicle specifically. Fitting an IAS solely my it's size and fitment, will not insure you the ride and handling that the Edelbrock engineers intended.