While this Pantera was in good shape before the restoration, it was still taken apart to the bone.
The original integral Monocoque frame (unibody) was reconstructed and reinforced with square steel high strength tubing to create a rust proof, stronger and more rigid frame resulting in a longer lasting, trouble free, better handling car able to accept more horsepower with less flex. The reward for this incredible amount of work and effort is the complete elimination of the original Pantera rusting problems. Note the cockpit floor was dropped 1.5" as well.

This shows the improved design and increased strength applied ot the rear frame and suspension resluting in a far better handling potential as well as a stronger frame structure for bigger horsepower, like a 427 cubic inch stroked Windsor which will bolt right into this car with no header, motor mount or bell housing modifications! The increased strength rear allows the absence of the typical cross over brace all Pantera's require… but not this one! Really stands out among the best!

The entire rear tub was completely cut out and the asymmetrical unpleasant appearing inner panels were replaced with meticulously hand fabricated perfectly symmetrical inner panels, which are immediately visible when opening the rear engine compartment hatch.  There is no other Pantera on the road quite like this car, and probably never will be.

All the body panels were cut out and removed where the 8,000 hour restoration began from scratch. Before any reassembly was done every single piece was media blasted, cleaned and dip coated for maximum corrosion protection. Then each new panel was fitted and assembled one at a time to perfection. All hardware was replaced or bright gold cadnium plated while all other componentry was powder coated or painted. Nothing was left untouched in this amazing and meticulous restoration.

All the beautifully finished front and rear fender flares, side skirts, and front air dam are all painstakingly hand formed and individually crafted from bare steel and molded into perfect works of art. Since the design used to create these body panels were created just for this car, you will never find another Pantera with exactly these same identical body lines, setting this Pantera far apart from all the rest.

The custom fender flares are a work of art beginning with individually fabricated panels welded together and ground smooth for a beautiful one piece look of fiberglass but with the strength and durability of steel. This type of painstaking detail is what makes this Pantera so very, very special.

The custom bodyside ground effects are an equal work of art, beginning with hand made fabricated panels welded to the body and merged seamlessly as if they were one. While fiberglass additions could have been much more easily used, the difficult road was used to make this Pantera a one of a kind.

A closer look at these one of a kind touches, shows the incredible attention to detail, fit and finish that went into this unbelievable Pantera. The enormous amount of effort taken far exceeds anything anyone has done so far in any one single Pantera intended to be driven and enjoyed as a reliable method of sporting transportation that stops people in their collective tracks seeing it go by!