Project M-P-G will be touring the country and visiting all sorts of events in 1999 with all these items aboard, thanks to the above sponsors. We will be looking forward to be acquiring new sponsors for future projects including a Supercharger, Interior seating, Tires as well as GPS navigational equipment and even a fresh new Paint job.

UPDATE: Since the first issue of Project M-P-G hit the news stands, Project sponsors have been raving of the overwhelming satisfied customers following this Project. "Our phone has been ringing off the hook from the time we get in, until the time we leave, ever since this story has hit the public", said a Pro-Blend representative. "The response has been incredible!" A representative from DEI reported, "we now average 75 calls every day about our product, and Project M-P-G. This has been the single most notable response we've ever seen!" and the stories go on.

Since the first debut of Project M-P-G, we have received over 2,500 E-mails regarding this project alone, and received countless stories from numerous readers individual successes resulting from following this story. The public distribution of this project alone has probably done more to conserve the worlds oil reserves, and reduce emissions that any other story ever published. We are researching that fact right this very moment.

Testimonials such as these, prove that Project M-P-G has changed a lot of lives, and the way people think towards relationship of power and economy. This was the primary goal of Project M-P-G all along. Even though Project M-P-G was certainly in no way ever intended to be any kind of deliberate advertising platform for any of the suppliers featured, they were courageous enough to allow Randy Thomas to use their products in this quest. Confidently, Randy reassured them that from his experience, this particular combination was going to be a winner. The sponsors listed are the ones who undauntedly supported Project M-P-G, during the uncertainty when the outcome could have gone either way, both good or bad. It was GOOD!