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the Evolution of the purchase of a Pickup bed cover, from a buyers Wallet:

I have owned a lot of trucks and a lot of bed covers in the past. From soft tonneaus to hard covers to roll back retractables. Most people start with soft tonneau covers since they are inexpensive, easy and look good. That is, until they try to snap it when it's cold and it doesn't reach or they wake up one winter morning and find a snow drift in their cover that looks like a piano on a trampoline. Then they try the velcro ones that always look like and unmade bed sheet going down the road.

After a few years when the cover looks like a faded lampshade, many decide on the one piece hard cover nicely painted to match their truck costing almost as much as the cover itself. It's great, right up until that time they see a great steal of a deal on the side of the road in the form of a used quad or refrigerator. You now have a choice of snagging up that deal and leaving your bed cover behind, or propping it up like a huge wing on a neon cladded tuner car that would delight any high schooler passing by. Of course next time you are smart and leave it at home, only to come back and find the neighborhood kids using it as a dance floor after the wind launched it into their yard taking out your flowerbed in the process. After all, where else could you put it?

Eventually some then try the folding door style cover even you know it looks funny but you accept being stuck with it 'till trade in time. Finally, after all this, most decide to step up to a retractable roll up cover. There are many in all shapes and sizes, but not many that are really all that good. Some look like the garage door at the police impound lot. Others bounce up and down like a diaphragm in a wood instrument. Most look old and faded and worn out in just a few years making your thousand dollar plus investment about as valuable as 100 shares of stock after the crash in '29.

So ok. It's simple. You want a bed cover, you want it to work, you want the security, but most of all you want it to not just look good, but
look great after a long time of enjoyable use. Is that really too much to ask? Well, I guess it just depends on who you are asking. and if you ask us...
RETRAX has all the answers!

My wife and I bought a new truck for our 34 year auto parts and speed shop business. we've had other trucks and other bed covers before, but this time around we wanted thee best bed cover made. After long and hard research, the answer was undisputable, and the future was clear. We loved this product so much, we became a Retrax factory dealer!

Problems with Rollback covers...

I like the convenience, and need the performance a rollback type cover offers for use with my fifth wheel trailer. Both for the convenience as well as the security and last but not least, for the look. Oh yes, the look.

My previous truck had a
Pace Edwards roll back cover which I liked, but over time the vinyl cladding faded, and due to the fact that the cover rolls on top of itself, there were "silver marks" embedded into the vinyl top surface from the aluminum bars on the underside of the layer above it.

The surface also needed to be periodically treated with those greasy vinyl protectants to rejuvenate the dried out vinyl, which then later would run down the side of the truck for several rains thereafter creating streaks on the paint I had to always polish out. Still, it ended up fading and looking like an old worn out cover in just a few years.

The cover was also was very hard to roll up after a while creating almost a "grinding sound" in the tracks due to it not having a bearing and wheel sliding mechanism. The cover would also get cocked in the tracks if you did not pull it back exactly perfectly from the center instead of at the grab handle on the side.

Finally, from day one this cover made a lot of noise as it bounced up and down. With the back window open it sounded like a bucket of chains rattling around, especially when rolled half way up while towing the fifth wheel. Even so, I liked the rollback style, but wanted something more.

Retrax had all the Answers !