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Another row of tires on display range from 31" to 38", and are used to try on customers vehicles as a "trial fit", to see what they'll look like and what kind of lift methods are desired. The unique multi-lug pattern was created by Performance Unlimited, and will fit virtually all 5 lug and 6 lug bolt patterns.

In the center of the show room, mounds of specialty tires boast their formidable presence ranging from stock, to mud, to sand designs. Ground Hawg, Regul, TSL, Cepek, Mickey Thompson, and more.

A complete rack full of a variety of reading material from "how-to" books to detailed technical manuals and
performance books is located on the showroom floor. Haynes, Chilton, HP Books, SA Design are all here.

A host of Delorme Topographical maps guarantee their presence in the show room with many of the most popular 4-wheeling states in the country being represented in stock at all times...

A complete line of special severe duty stretch straps line the shelves in the towing section. All types and sizes are kept in stock at all times to serve your most extreme recovery needs at a moments notice. Custom straps can also be made to your specifications and needs, as well. Just some of the manufacturers names found in the towing section would include Draw-Tite, Reese, Putnam, Warn, Superwinch, Keeper, Convert-A-Ball and many, many more.

A detailed assortment of towing accessories are located near the front of the show room including trailer hitches to
winching equipment

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