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At the technical corner of the showroom resides
hundreds of technical papers available to Performance Unlimited customers along with a display of countless hands-on examples of "what to do, and what not to do" items.

The infamous "Rancho Barrel" is located right on the show room floor where you can test and compare a host of shocks against other known types of shocks.
"The barrel, never lies"

A wealth of printed technical information is available free of charge to all Performance Unlimited customers. The archives include tech documents on engines, drivetrain, winch comparisons, driveline problem diagnosis procedures, and so on.

In the front corner of the store a dedicated area
resides where customers can post wanted/sale ads for free. Hundreds of customers come in daily and see this special area. Send in your ad, and we'll put it up… FREE!

On your Mark, get set… GO! "Magnum" is ready to go racing. So, that wraps up our tour for now. Why not stop in and take a personal look around… since you already know where everything is! We will soon have up a tour of our secret hidden shops where we do our R&D testing and prototype research. Until then, feel free to stop by anytime and tour the store on-line. Why not bring a friend, and show them around. I'm sure "Magnum" will still be here waiting for you! See you soon, and thanks… we appreciate your company and your loyal business!

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For those that have visited Performance Unlimited, you most likely have met Randy & Diane Thomas's Great Dane, "Magnum". Randy brought Magnum to the store almost everyday, and she never left his side in 13 years.  On a damp, drizzling morning at 8:15am on October 2nd, 2002 Randy & Diane's beloved Magnum passed away in Randy's arms. Magnum died on her 13th birthday. She will be missed dearly by everyone whoever met her.
"...Rest in peace little buddy" Rt.

We decided to leave Magnum's pictures up since she was such a familiar site to all our customers as they walked into our doors. She'd always be standing next to visitors as they browsed, always at arms length waiting to be petted. It just doesn't seem right without her, so she will live on forever in our on-line store.