Body Hand laid fiberglass panels with steel tube reinforcement in all door, hood and trunk openings. All mounting points are steel plated for additional reinforcement. Doors, hood and trunk are double skinned to provide an extremely rigid unit. The body is mounted to the chassis' 8 cockpit panels with the latest flexible urethane adhesives, eliminating "bleed through" and distortion. The body is completely non stressed in this form of construction. Paint finish is a base coat with a clearcoat urethane finish.

Chassis Jig welded heavy wall rectangular steel tubing with heavy gusset plates used throughout. Main frame is constructed using 4.00" x 2.00" x .160" steel tube. Parallel ladder frame design with large diameter outriggers also incorporating front and rear crumple zones for strength and safety. The steel scuttle hoop with door hinge, steering column and windshield post pick-up points, is incorporated directly onto steel main chassis.

Gas tank 304 Grade stainless steel. Hung under the frame (not "in" the trunk like some others) with a 500 mile range, 17 gallon capacity.

Bumpers and overdress Polished stainless steel hand made bumpers with stainless steel pressed overriders, or quicklift jacks on s/c version.

Wiper assembly Specially imported original style wiper assembly with 2 speed motor and 140 degree wiper arc.

Windshield assembly Hand fabricated, original specification, chrome plated, brass surround with windscreen glass to American and European specification. Side and top wind visors are also standard equipment.

Heavy gauge Steel Roll Bar now standard in gleaming Stainless Steel with the new Superformance Mark-III's

Engine Louvers stainless steel, hand fabricated, jig welded louvers.

Gas Cap 4" neck Monza cast alloy flip up cap assembly as per original. All aluminum with NEW internal hidden filler neck.

Exhaust side pipes (Semi-race version) Side mounted exhausts to original specifications. The Big Block style side pipe is the very best finished example in the market. The Muffler portion incorporates a perforated straight-through tube wrapped in stainless steel wool and a special ceramic sound-absorbent material.

Exhaust mufflers (roadster) Custom made mufflers and tailpipes with stainless extensions.