The folks at Superformance have watched and studied the trends and players in the industry, and believe we are able to offer a unique product into this market which will successfully address all the inherent shortcomings prevalent at this time.

It is common knowledge that the majority of purchasers do not have the highly technical skills, expensive equipment or dedicated time to turn one of the lower priced kits on the market into a high quality finished vehicle. Nor do they have the unlimited funds to enable them to have one of the current "top dollar" high quality kits built up by a specialized assembler.

With this in mind we have created the first
"competitively priced, high quality 8 hr assembly time" kit.  Yes, any owner, with a minimal amount of skills and tools can complete this unit in 8 hours.  What's more, if there are any doubts our dealer will do it for you at a very fair price.

          Our unit is also finished to a level equal to, or better than even the current highest priced industry leaders in terms of attention to detail, aesthetic correctness and quality of workmanship.
          This is all supplied at an extremely competitive price. In fact,
you cannot buy anything like this from any other dealer, anywhere!
          The Superformance Mark-III is supplied to the purchaser complete in every respect except for your choice of engine and transmission assembly.  All parts used are either brand new or genuine factory rebuilt.
There are no extras.
          Aftermarket installers also offer a range of engines and transmissions, at competitive prices, and will assist you in making a choice.

Remember - no extras

We also offer a hand crafted Aluminum Body shell option for those who want to go to the very last detail, as well as a other options to make your own Mark-III the most unique car, while still being the best there is.

This is the very best deal around, with no hidden Extra's

Even more important, Superformance uses mostly over the counter current Ford parts, so maintenance and repair of this Mark-III many times is no farther away than your local Ford dealer. No hunting down rare or obsolete parts.  No long waits or expensive shipping charges. A very, VERY big feature to consider!