The Superformance Mark-III is not a traditional "kit-car", but rather a completely new factory manufactured "component car", only requiring final installation of an engine and transmission to finish the package. This is very much the way the vintage cars were received by AC cars from England over 35 years ago. How historic can you get! A true ground-up kit is usually reserved by those that wish to implant their own personal style and  flair into the finished product. Nothing wrong with that. Not a lot of money is saved, and hundreds and hundreds of semi-skilled man-hours are required to produce a running example. On the other hand, the Superformance goal is to provide the highest quality car, as close to the vintage appearance as possible, and use the highest quality premium parts available. As the chart below shows, the differences can be significant, and the results dramatic.

Looking at the "Ground-Up" Kits, 
the primary reason for someone wanting to invest so much time and effort into such an exorbitant project, is quite clear. The love of the project itself! Soon after the project's completion (hundreds upon hundreds of man-hours later), many times it's builder gets an empty feeling, yearning to build yet another one, and usually they do. Another reason these few and far between hardy souls take on such a monumental task, is to give their car a more personal flair according to their own desires and likes, and not necessarily that of the vintage cars of 35 years ago.   

Before you make your purchase,
Take a look at some of the major differences which reflect both quality, and ultimately, price. Superformance strives for authenticity and aesthetic correctness of the equipment to as near as vintiage specs that can be attained. Even though this raises the cost, the end total still is almost like getting the Superformance professionally factory assembled, for free! After all is said and done, the relatively less expensive and much lower quality components utilized in the kit still isn't that far away in price from the fully assembled Superformance… at least not enough to keep from going the Superformance route, rather than sacrificing hundreds of man-hours just to save a few bucks, and a lot of quality. Besides all that, the resale value of the Superformance will generally be much higher, and much easier to sell since you won't need to do any explaining of "how it was built", and "what parts were used"… since The Superformance title reassures the buyer they're getting the absolute best performance street car for the price, on the market.

Keep In Mind, The prices above still don't reflect the additional necessary components already included in the Superformance price, consisting of the, Wiring, Brake booster, Pedal assembly, Inner body panels, Front suspension links, Rear suspension links, Brakes, Lines and Hoses, Wiper assemblies, Heater-Demister, Quick jack frame brackets, Windshield, etc.

As you can see, the individual component costs propel the combined value of the Superformance well beyond the actual purchase price… without all the work, and WITH all the resale value!

Final Note, There's an awful lot to say about the incredible Superformance Mark-III, just not enough space to say it! But I think you can get the idea. Too bad the major vehicle manufacturers don't make cars this way...