Q: How long has Superformance been in business?
A: Since 1984

Q: How much is insurance for a Superformance Mark-III?
A: An owner with a normally acceptable driving record, with a Superformance Car valued at $50,000, full year coverage, $1,000 deductible and a 2,500 mile a year cap will see an annual premium averaging between $500 and $700 a year. That's only $41-$58 a month. Not bad for a fifty grand car that can scare the pants off of your insurance agent.

Q: How long does it take to get a Superformance Mark-III?
A: Depending on what the current market is, on an average expect to wait about 2-3 months to see a car, and a few month more than that for custom paint jobs. Sometimes we can get new cars already in the states, and not yet spoken for, if color selection is not a primary feature. Once the car is on the ship in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, it takes an average of 4 weeks on the water to get to one of the numerous East Coast American sea ports. A week across land in a sealed container with three other cozy Mark-III's, and it almost always arrives at it's destination on time.

Q: How valuable is the resale of a Superformance Mark-III?
A: In every case we've ever seen, a Superformance sells within one or two weeks of being put on the market. Many times, even after several years and thousands of miles later, a seller will get the same price they originally bought it for. Additional modifications usually bring back the investments made as well.

Q: Why doesn't Superformance offer ground up kits?
A: Superformance found that they can offer a much higher quality product, and at a cheaper price by completing the Car at their manufacturing facility. In many cases, the Superformance car can be purchased cheaper completed, than other kits can be made with your own time invested.

Q: Why don't the Superformance Mark-III's come with engines and transmissions in them?
A: They come shipped into the States less engine and trans to escape the import and emissions regulations of new cars. This way the customer can finish the car off on their own in about 8 hours, or select whatever powertrain combination they would like installed. As a matter of fact, for the similar reasons, this is exactly the way the vintage cars were imported in the 60's, where a team was put together to install the engine and prepare it for delivery to the customers here in the U.S.

Q: How can Superformance offer such a valuable car at such a cheap price?
A: It's al in economics. South Africa's exchange rate, where the Superformance's are built, see an average of a 6 to 1 ratio against the American dollar. That means a hand built car built there for $180,000 can be bought in America for $35,000 which is exactly what they're sold for! They make a lot of money to keep the quality high, the buyer gets an incredible deal and an awesome car.

Q: How hard is it to get parts for a Superformance Mark-III?
A: Not difficult at all. Since the Superformance engineers had the foresight to use as many off the shelf Ford part numbers as possible, getting replacements components are usually no further away than your local Ford Dealer. Superformance can also get you the right part in as quickly as possible, depending on your needs. All parts are current production parts, and do not use any "obsolete" components whatsoever.