10.  The State Trooper pulling up next to you at the stop light, bows his head, and peers
       over his shades while giving you a "thumbs up"!

9.  The older folks in the state park tell you about seeing them race 30 years ago.

8.  You can't get into your car no matter where it's parked, without elbowing through a
       crowd, answering several questions and having perfect strangers saying to you, "see you later!"

7.  Pulling up next to a Viper, and the guy decides to all of a sudden turn right when the
       light turns green.

6.  The drive up teller at McDonald's forgets to take your money as he's signaling the
        cooks in back "hey, you guys just gotta see this!"

5.  The kids pasting their noses to the minivan windows looking at it while yelling to their
        parents to "stop, stop!"

4.  The corvette drivers who just absolutely have to know all about it.

3.  The guy cutting his lawn that looks up and starts clapping as you idle by.

2.  Four teenagers in the brand new Camaro SS next to you on the freeway, hanging out
        the window yelling "That's the coolest car I ever saw", and slow down to pull in behind you.

1.  Your 8 year old son telling you "Dad, you are the coolest dad of any of the kids in my School"

To sum it all up - buy a Mark-III... You will meet some of the nicest people!