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"...Twin-Shift is unlike any Motorcycle Transmission Oil you have ever experienced. It is 'thee' Ultimate solution to slow, hard or missed shifts. Nothing smells like it, nothing looks like it and nothing even comes close to it's performance...  NOTHING!"
Twin Shift™ Synthetic Motorcycle Transmission Oil has been specially formulated to smoothen hard shifting making for faster and quicker shifting as well as reducing missed shifts & gear grinding.

Motorcycle transmission oils face substantial amounts of heat due to the mechanical operation of the transmission itself as well as the external heat absorption being created by the internal combustion process of the adjoining cylinders and pistons of the engine, not to mention the exhaust radiance emanating from the pipes nearby. The relatively small transmission gears and bearings receive a lot of excess stress forced onto precision gear faces during heavy usage which can result in accelerated heat conditions as well as the possibility of premature gear and bearing failure. Our
Twin-Shift High Performance Transmission Oil is specifically formulated for motorcycles and designed to improve lubrication, withstand heat, reduce gear and bearing heat as well as aiding in cooling engine temperatures through the wicking effect of the transmission being metallically connected to the engine. Reduce and even eliminate all gear related failures as while enjoying cooler operating temperatures from your transmission and engine instantly by "pouring in the performance" with Twin-Shift.

Each bottle of Twin-Shift™ is meticulously prepared and filled to the most stringent and accurate specifications, one at a time.

Twin Shift™ Synthetic Transmission Oil has been specially formulated to withstand ultra-severe punishment and extreme abuse of high performance street and competition applications.

Twin Shift™ is designed to provide superior   protection as well as survive against tremendous heat, high speed, extreme pressure and brutal torque shock-loading conditions. Adheres to metallic surfaces and will not drain off.

Twin Shift™ Synthetic gear oil based lubricant is thermally stable and engineered with all the necessary extreme cooling and beneficial high pressure additives included to make this the most potent lubrication package possible.

Twin-Shift™ incorporates the unique properties of enjoying the low viscosity and low resistance of a lighter gear oil while taking advantage of the lubrication adhesion and cooling benefits of a super sticky heavier gear oil.



Motorcycle Transmission Oil
-Synthetic 75w90   32 oz. - 1 Qt.

Twin-Shift lubrication package contains the following additives:
- Extreme Pressure Additive
  - Low Temp Viscosity Enhancer
    - Lubricity Improver
      - Heat Dissipation Additive
        - Adhesion Improver
          - Corrosion Inhibitor
Twin-Shift is designed to be compatible with all types of seals and will not cause seals to leak.



Twin-Shift™ provides these benefits:

* Intended to be the absolute best total   
   lubricant package specifically for all

   Motorcycle transmissions
-period !
* Greatly improved
silky smooth shifting
* Faster, smoother & positive shifts
* Less missed gears & surer shifts
* Significantly
reduced operating 

Withstands brutal high heat situations

* Absorbs extreme pressure & shock loading
* Notably
reduced gear and bearing noise
* Significantly
improved gear and bearing life
Reduced friction and power loss
Tremendous lubrication adhesion properties
Superior lubrication film strength barrier
Unaffected by moisture & condensation
Safe for all transmission bearings, bushings,
   gears, & seals. Will
not cause seals to leak

Excellent for use in
Manual Transmissions
  without clutches and that
   do not share the engine
    crankcase oil reservoir...


"Twin-Shift™ works so good my Harley shifts like a Jap Bike now!!!"
- Tom Young (Wisconsin),
Harley Davidson

"Twin-Shift™ works pretty darn good! So far I haven't missed a shift yet... and it really does shift as good as a Jap Bike!"
- Don Thomas (Wisconsin),
Harley Davidson

This is not an info-commercial or paid endorsement in any way.  Just installed Twin-Shift™ Motorcycle Transmission fluid in my custom bike's 6-speed Rev-Tech.  This stuff really does work.  My shift from 2nd to 3rd, and 5th to 6th was always a little touchy, and now it is much smoother.  Any of you that have had a Harley or any of the V-twin customs know how clunky and loud these transmissions can be.  Mine has quieted down considerably. Really like the quieter and smoother operation.

Lynn Johnson (Floridia),
Harley Davidson