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Back Rooms...

The "Back Door" section of the Performance Unlimited site was unlocked because a lot of people wanted to know what I'm up to behind the scenes. While I'm no superman, I do spend an awful lot of time in the shop and the store, so I'm always doing something… maybe not always automotive wise, since I'm into a lot of hobbies and activities. Here is a chance for you to see what goes on behind the counter side when the doors close at the end of the day. Hope you have fun, since this is all this section is for!  -Randy Thomas


In December of 2002 I had a few buddies ask me to see if there was a top of the line, all out, no holds barred lubricant they could use in their manual transmissions in their 1965 427 A/C Cobra's. Nothing gets hotter or is abused more than those little beasts, that's for sure. Well, after 4 month of hard work and following the old adage of "if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself", I got the necessary knowledge, research and assistance to develop my own gear oil. And man, this stuff is amazing! An independent lab tested it for me and they claimed it to be one of the best lubricants they have ever seen. By the time I got done, it was an expensive ordeal, but the benefits are worth it. Here is just some of the key components before mixing… CLICK HERE. And as of April 2003, it's been selling as fast as I can produce it, which is a lengthy matter since it still is mixed by hand, one at a time to insure accuracy and quality. CLICK HERE.

After attending shows all year, in January of 2004 I had come to the conclusion that I just hate polishing rims and engines! It just seems I have more and more aluminum and chrome to tend to, so it was about time I do something... and that something was to come up with the best metal polish I could. After making my own oils, I figured this should be a piece of cake… well, just like the oil, it wasn't. But what I finally came up with is a really cool metal polish that goes on super easy and comes off even easier and really quick, not to mention I wanted maximum results twice as fast as anything else on the market, and that includes about 20 other polishes we've tested. I think we've finally got it. Oh yeah, it also leaves the best shine I've ever seen! The first job was to bring my expensive Alcoa rims back to life after a winter of Wisconsin salt nearly ruined them for ever ...and you can see it here CLICK HERE.


I had to port and polish and flow a set of cylinder heads for a friend not too long ago, and I shot a few pix of the procedure that makes an interesting comparison of different heads and the advantages you can get from porting and just by going to better heads. CLICK HERE

427 STOKER WINDSOR REBUILD: Back in 1996 I created one of the first reliable big stroked windsors used for off road use. It took a long time and a lot of sand in the intake to make me freshen the little big block up. Here are just a few candid shots of the of the pistons and the crank I used CLICK HERE.


While the infamous Firestones that come on many of the new trucks from the factory might be one of the better towing tires on the road, they really need some help in the traction department. Rather than going out and buying another brand for winter and keep the Firestones for towing, buying a tire grooving iron and some time in the garage will yield some significant traction improvement! Just take a peek… CLICK HERE

MAKING A FUEL TANK: Like so many, I wanted to tackle the fuel tank fabrication area, but apprehension of the consequences of a failed desgin or construction was always intimidating me from even trying. Well, one day I finally did the research and got the info needed and gave it a shot. Like so many projects, I'm not sure if I want to do it again any time soon, but I do have to say it turned out fabulous and I am not afraid to do it again. Take a peek at some of the things I added to my home made tank, and maybe it'll help you create something you've always wanted to, but just were afraid to try… but, be careful boys! CLICK HERE.

MAKING A REAR HOUSING BRACE: Welding a rear end brace on a Ford 9" is pretty straight forward. Well, when a customer came and asked me to make one for his Dana rear, that was a challenge, since the rear cover had to still come off. Here is the end result of a lot of design, a lot of fabrication, and a lot of welding. and it turned out excellent CLICK HERE. Maybe you can get some hints to make your own.


No one ever has enough work bench space, so I came up with a cool way to add a table in seconds while stowing away when I'm done. I use this particular table for weeding and masking the vinyl decals we make, so your table top finish may need to vary. CLICK HERE. Hope you can take advantage of this… makes it all worth while if you can!


Well, not be left out of the remote control truck craze, I got myself one of those Radio Shack "Mangler" Broncos. And of course like everyone reading this, I couldn't leave well enough alone and had to start modifying, converting and changing. Then my wife found out so now I have to do my modifying at night when she's asleep. Here's what I ended up with… CLICK HERE. Yeah, I know it's not as cool as your T-Maxx's, but hey! Those *would* wake my wife up!