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FREE Pre assembly, bulb installation and bulb clocking if you purchase a pair of our Tri-light-II™ headlight housings and a pair of our Lightning White IIILED Bulbs NO EXTRA CHARGE!


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$169.95 /pair
Lightning White-III LED
(For use only in our Crystalite™ and Tri-Lite™ headlamp housings)

Lightning-White-III™ LED/HID level headlamp bulbs are a direct replacement for H-4 type headlamps. These bulb capsules generate nearly double the illumination and brightness levels than OEM type bulbs while using significantly less current draw! Only 25 Watts of input power each (less than half of regular bulbs) and with the total equivalent of 255 Watts of pure white output illumination at 6000k. "It's like looking into the sun!"

These high output LED's are completely self contained with no external amps or regulators or modules needed, and no fans or mechanical cooling systems to fail.

Lightning-White-III™ LED light bulbs are designed specifically for the low riding Cobra with narrow headlamp spacing to provide an H.I.D. flat wide beam pattern on the low setting without the need for the common "bug-eye" projector lens, which means we can add a more powerful LED to the low beam for increased driver illumination without interfering with the vision of oncoming traffic. When selecting the high beam a completely different blinding round patterned dual spotlight beam replaces the flat low beam profile to pierce the darkness for long range maximum visibility down the road. The 6000k color will be a clean bright white without the annoying blue-ish color of other retro-products.

The discreet
Lightning-White-III™ LED bulb is virtually unnoticeable in a clear headlamp and looks almost like a normal incandescent bulb, and is a direct replacement fit. Due to the flat H.I.D.-like low beam these bulb bodies are 360° adjustable in rotation to get the beam lines perfectly parallel to the ground regardless of how accurately your headlight buckets were installed. In addition the low 9vdc operating voltage of the diodes mean the light intensity will not fluctuate or vary with engine speed and alternator output. In other words your new Lightning-White-III™ LED's will be just as bright with the engine off as they are with it running at full charge. The low LED input power requirements means it will run off any system previously supporting standard H4 incandescent bulbs with no modifications needed. The internal circuitry reduced power to the bulb if it overheats, and automatically  restores power when the elevated temperature decreases.

Lightning-White-III LED™ difference is CLEARLY above the rest in quality, effeceincy and performance. There is no substitute!

Note color difference of the standard "yellow-ish" appearing standard bulb on the left to the crisp "HID" appearing bulb and brightness on the right. These are NOT the common "blue" lights you might have seen. These produce a BRIGHT CRISP WHITE color output as close as you can get to H-I-D lights!

ABOVE RIGHT: These examples in standard headlamp housings are for a side by side comparison below the line of sight. You need to use our focused Crystalite-II™ and Tri-Lite-II headlamp housings to eliminate all glare to oncoming drivers.

IMPORANT NOTE:  While these Lightning-White-III™ LED Bulbs will fit in any H-4 socket, they perform best in our Crystalite-II™ and Tri-Lite-II™ clear refracted housings. These bulbs are NOT intended to be used in a fluted glass lens housing that can disperse the bright white light indiscriminately and hinder oncoming driver's vision.


- LOW BEAM -     Actual photos of our Lightning White-III™ LED Bulbs  and Crystalite-II™ / Tri-Lite-II™ Headlamps at night    - HIGH BEAM -



When converting from an integeral park lamp in the headlamp housing, this optional 1157 bulb socket will replace the 1156 signal socket to convert the signal into a combination parking lamp and signal


Optional H-4 Headlamp Plug & Harness for wiring system not already accepting standard sealed beams or H-4 bulbs