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Make better use of your small and visually restricted side mirror. This direct replacement stick on convex mirror makes "objects in the mirror closer than they appear", just like on the new cars.

The exceptionally wider view provides more visual information and less blind spots over large bulbous rear fenders and flares. The protective border around the lens finishes off the mirror with a clean OEM type look.

Simply peel off the adhesive backing and stick over the original glass without damage if you need to remove it later. Or, insert it into the original style trim ring for a seamless fit.
A great safety enhancement to any car!


4:1 Expanded View
  3.75" Side Mirror Insert

Mirror trim ring outer diameter:      3-3/4"
Mirror diameter
without trim ring3-9/16"

The 4x power of the 4:1 Expanded View mirror opens up your rear field of view by 4 times the area while still allowing visual identification of distant objects coming into view.

4:1 Expanded View mirror is a great improvement over standard flat mirrors by allowing a better angle of vision while still retaining a clear notification of distant objects that may be closing on your six.

The 4:1 mirror is an excellent balance of both the distance of flat glass mirrors and the super wide angle fish eye convex mirrors which make the images too small to identify until it's too late.




Sometimes the outer edge of the add-on mirror contacts the rim of the original mirror's housing, not allowing full contact of the mirror at the adhesive base. Here is an alternate method of attachment in that case...

1.  Remove all the adhesive from the back of the add-on Mirror.

2.  Clean the back of the add-on mirror's surface as well as the glass of the original mirror with alcohol.

3.  Using Clear 100% Silicone sealant, place a perfectly round "blob" of sealant of about 1/2" to 3/4" in
     diameter on the factory mirror glass directly in the center.

4.  Slowly press the add-on mirror onto the factory glass to allow the excess sealant ooze over the surface
     as you continue to push. If you place the right amount on, NO sealant should have escaped from around
     the edges.

5.  Secure with masking tape and allow to dry.

6.  The "suction" effect and pliability of the sealant should never let the mirror fall off, yet the sealer
     should allow easy removal if necessary without damage to any part.


Sometimes the outer edge of the add-on mirror's "glass" is just the perfect diameter of the original mirror's housing, then the bordering seal of the original mirror is pliable and can be pulled back. Here is an alternate method for a cleaner more stock appearing attachment in that case...

1. Remove the original mirror head from the bullet mount on the fender to make it easier to work on by taking
    the screw out at the end.

2. Carefully separate and remove the black plastic or metal backing frame from the lens from of the new
    convex mirror. A razor knife or a small screwdriver will get this started.

3.  Take the mirror head and gently press the original mirror down on one side, this is spring loaded and you
     can compress it far enough to start the convex mirror under the white plastic trim and just keep working it
     around until new mirror is completely under the plastic. <OR> you can easily pry the plastic trim ring out.

4.  If you removed the plastic trim, place the new mirror over the old one and snap in the trim. If the new
     mirror is not tight just pop it and it should tighten up, this gives the new mirror the factory look. You may
     have to sand a little off the outer edge of the new convex mirror for a perfect fit. You can speed up this
     process with a power sander and rotating the round mirror using a suction cup on the center of both sides of
     the mirror.

5.  If your mirror was a little loose there is a tab inside the housing that you can bend up ever so lightly that
     will take care of this.

6.  Reinstall the mirror mounting into the bullet mount on the fender and install the screw being careful not
     to over tighten it.

7.  Adjust mirror to your preference, you will be amazed as how far to the side this mirror lets you see!
(installation tips offered in part  by William Kindley)