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Tri-lite™ headlamp housings are a direct replacement for most standard 7" round dim, fluted lens style headlamps, with the look of the vintage Lucas Tripod lamps found on Jags and early Cobras. Combined with the look of the old and the performance of the new, our new masterpieces incorporate the clear lens and the refracted "cracked ice" reflector of our popular Crystalite™ head lamps. The Tri-lite™  has a clear lensed non-fluted, refracted mirrored reflector enhances night illumination as well as presenting a unique look during the daylight. The clear refracted look gives any car a more expensive and elegant look to it during the daylight as well as night. The adjustable bulb deflector allows increased cornering illumination when used with our Lightning White-III LED™ bulbs. These lamps were specifically made for our Lightning White-III™ LED high power bulb inserts, although will also work with standard H-4 bulbs.

$119.95 ea.
7" Tri-light-II Lamp
(typical for Cobras, etc)

FREE Pre assembly, bulb installation and bulb clocking if you purchase a pair of our Crystalite™ headlight housings and a pair of our Lightning White IIILED Bulbs NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Give your Cobra an entirely different vintage look with a modern twist and enhance night time illumination at the same time just by installing Tri-Lite-II™ lamps!



The Tri-Lite™ headlamp lens is clear allowing environmental colors to reflect off the reflectors when the bulbs are off. At evening, the lamps appear orange & during the day they appear sky blue. The Tri-Lite™ lamps have that vintage Lucas Tripod look while incorporating modern refracted reflector technology for maximum illumination while utilizing an impact resistant tempered glass lens.

During the daytime, the OEM style fluted lens on the left looks much less elegant and cheap compared to the inexpensively priced Tri-Lite™ headlamps on the right and at  night the Tri-Lite-II™ headlamps on the right clearly appears much more intense and brighter than the OEM style fluted lens on the left. Both low beam and high beam illumination is enhanced while still maintaining a legal low beam pattern. Also, by adding our optional Lightning-White-III™ LED headlamp bulbs, the intensity on high beam is even brighter, while the low beam is clearer, since "yellow" light is reduced for clearer vision and a better look and an HID type appearance. No extra heat is generated or additional amperage is drawn by these optional Lightning-White-III™ LED high-output headlamp, making them safe for your OEM wired electrical system. NOTE: On low beam the lamps appear pleasing and normal to oncoming drivers  No glare!

         OEM style             - HIGH BEAMS -             Tri-Lite™

The vintage inspired Tripod structure is neatly assembled inside the headlamp housing behind the clear glass lens, thus protecting it from the elements, making for easy & quick cleaning of the lens from road debris. This Lucas Tripod look with the modern refracted reflector and clear lens is truly an eye catcher during the day and a much appreciated visual performance improvement during night driving.

Cobra Valley TRI-LITE Hi Intensity Lamp
Note the sophisticated multi-refracted reflector designed to focus and disperse light at maximum performance to provide the best illumination and coverage pattern possible while eliminating  black holes and dark spots.

Two examples of inferior lesser quality version of the classic Tri-Bar Lamp...
Note the lack of focus and reflector design resulting in reduced illumination and diminished brightness as well as incorporating substandard material quality and durability. While at first glance they may "appear" similar to Cobra Valley's Tri-Lite lamps, after closer inspection and initial usage it's "clear" they do not come close to even holding a "candle" to the amazing and proven Tri-Lite™ performance.