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This is NOT common "Lexan MR10®" material found in other brands MR10® is merely mar-resistant and can not be cold-formed.*
® is intended for flat applications only.*
This is NOT a flat piece of cut plastic, but a real FORMED windshield!

These specially coated Polycarbonate windshields replace your Cobra glass with a virtually unbreakable, abrasion resistant, Ultra Violet ray resistant, fog resistant, anti-yellowing super clear distortion free form fitting, curved high performance option that will last for years and years... even after repeated windshield wiper usage! This coating will never come off as used below since it is chemically bonded during manufacturing.

Most other polycarbonates, such as Lexan®, are very soft and easily scratched. This special proprietary hard silicone clear coating exceeds the otherwise commonly found mar resistant "MR10" coating found on other common plastics, primarily made for the display industry such as for kids gaming displays at the big chain stores, educational institutions,  psychiatric hospitals, Storefronts and patios (* this is stated on the MR10 website).

There is no need to apply any water repellents (Rain-X®) to this windshield. The special hard coating will
repel water better than any over the counter applications. Bugs wipe off easily with just a moist soft cloth.

"...It's like having a lifetime application of Rain-X on your windshield..."

The custom heat forming process produces the correct curve for the frame rather than simply "bending" the plastic into shape and distorting an object when viewed through the windshield. This pre-formed shape also improves the ease of installation, dramatically increasing the overall strength of the frame when installed and reduces flexing. Unlike other Plastic and common "racing" coated windshields which do not adhere well even when using windshield Urethanes, these use
Silicone ADHESIVE to fix it to the frame which chemically bonds itself to the special proprietary hard Silicone coating. That means that when properly installed the use of a soft top can still be used without worry of the top of the frame pulling off the windshield like other types do.

Does not include frame

Please measure your windshield first, using our sizing templates below


/ea. PolyGlass Windshield   (early/original style)
Replacement for most original Cobras, and most replicas
and chassis #200 to #1100-ish Superformance Mk-III's


/ea. PolyGlass Windshield  (late Superformance style)
Replacement for only for late model Superformance cars
chassis #1200-ish and NEWER Superformance Mk-III's


/ea. PolyGlass Windshield  (larger style)
Replacement for many Back Draft cars and some FFR cars & others
*and some pre #200-ish and older Superformance Mk-III's


/ea. PolyGlass Windshield  (largest style)
Replacement for some Back Draft or FFR & others need oversized
*There are many different types larger than common Cobra  glass


/ea. Installation Kit - 11oz. tube Special Adhesive and
Comes with necessary frame Installation shims - For 1 windshield.


/ea. Deluxe Install Kit - same as above but w/ 2 tubes Adhesive


Add to the above windshield if you need it custom cut slightly larger or smaller with the same profile shape (takes 6-8 weeks)
There are no returns on custom cut profiles for any reason.

* Due to the large 375 lb. rated carton and amount of extreme packaging materials required to safely ship this product to you,  $30 will be added for to the regular shipping for 1 to 3 windshields ordered at the same time.


"...I have averaged a new glass windshield on my car every two years.  As the cost of the glass goes up, windshields are becoming a major expense.  When (I heard you guys) were going to look into (Glassless) windshields, I jumped at the opportunity to try one out. I really was not even concerned about all the possible negatives, I just wanted something that would last more than two years.  What I got was way beyond my expectations.

First of all, it is very light!  In total weight of the car, not a big
thing, but to handle, ship and install it, it is much easier than glass.
Second, because it is formed, it looks exactly like the original glass.
Third, because it is formed, once installed, it is just as rigid as glass.
Fourth, Because it is not glass, it will not break if someone grabs it, or
like my last one, crack when you put the top on.  Driving, you cannot tell
it from glass,  No distortion.  In a (recent driving event) down pour, I did not use the wipers once. Water beads on it similar to Rain-X. 

... it will be better than glass.  My two year old glass is pretty badly pitted. Me Likes!!  :-)  "

~ Craig Aylsworth

APPLICATION TIP:  If you have a Superformance, the "early" style windscreen will measure approximately 13.7" to 14.2" from bottom of the frame to the top of the frame at the center of the windscreen, (or 13.0" top to bottom of the glass at the center). If you have a "later style windscreen it will measure 13.0" to 13.3" at the center (or 12.3 top to bottom of the glass at the center).

CLEANING TIP:  Unlike other common plastic windshields, all you need to clean your PolyGlass is Windex®! But mild soap & water is all you need. Use Butyl Cellosolve to remove paint, marking pens & ink. Remove stickers / decals w/kerosene or light heat from a hair dryer. These cleaners have been approved for the POLYGLASS ONLY: Windex - Mr.Clean - Top Job - Joy - 409 - Fantastik - Formula 409  - Butyl Cellosolve - Kerosene - Methanol - Isopropyl alcohol

INSTALLATION TIP:  Even if you have a center rod support, it would be best to use adhesive to seal the PolyGlass in place, resulting in an overall more rigid windshield & frame assembly reducing deflection or buffeting. ONLY our Silicone ADHESIVE, not just a simple silicone gasket sealer. Do not use typical windshield Polyurethane or Butyl, as it will not stick to the windshield's coating.

DO I NEED TO GLUE IT IN?  Cobra windshield frames aren't as sturdy without rigid glass supporting it. By gluing the PolyGlass into the frame makes it into a 'one piece unit' that's much stronger, more sturdy as well as preventing the pull of a soft top from pulling the frame away from the windshield. Just someone leaning on the windshield could bend the frame where otherwise it would break the glass.  By making it all 'one piece' makes the entire frame stronger. .Our recommended adhesive is made to adhere to the special super slippery windshield coating where others won't!

INSTALLATION PREVIEW:  If the old windshield is glued in, slice the adhesive bond between the windshield and frame all the way around using a thin flexible razor blade utility knife). Separate the windshield from the frame by carefully pulling the assembly apart. Install our 14 rubber installation shims every 8-10" to space and center the new windshield in the frame. Use painters tape to cover the windshield except where the edges are going to be sealed. Insert a small bead of our special adhesive sealer into the frame channel and insert the new PolyGlass windshield. Secure the frame together with bands or ties of some kind during curing. Trim off excess adhesive and smooth out with your finger lightly lubricated with liquid hand cleaning soap (without pumice) for a smooth, rubber like appearance. Remove painters tape and allow to cure for 24 hours before removing the holding straps. 

INSTALLATION NOTES:  The relatively fragile frame is supported & shaped by the glass, so when you remove the glass, the handling process can distort the framed slightly. If this occurs the PolyGlass windshield can appear to be smaller or larger than the inside of the frame due to the change in curvature if the frame.

CRITICAL! Below is a measurement diagram from the backside of the frame side legs to the backside of the frame in the center at both the top and bottom of the windscreen. These measurements should be taken with the frame still in the car, or at the very least with the glass still in the frame.

WHY DO I NEED TO MEASURE?  Cobra windshield frames are not necessarily made the same size between manufacturers and sometimes even made around glass that is not the same size from car to car by any one mfg, and my not even be symmetrical. Using our sizing templates at the bottom of this page you can double check where yours measures up to the ones we offer. Or you can have one custom made as well.

NOTE: This FORMED Windshield does not distort vision!

Common flat pieces of plastic bent to shape will create visual distortion and premature fracturing and/or crack and easily prone to scratching and scuffing.

This Polyglass Windshield's special hard coating resist scratches and scuffs and wiper marks for a long lasting "just like glass" function and appearance!

NOTE 1: The PolyGlass can be slightly larger than the original glass since the new windshield can seat further into the frame and the actual dimensions are not as critical anymore
since you do not need to use the rubber gasket anymore. You want 1/4"-3/8" inside the frame on each edge. NOTE 2: Dimensions can vary .18" due to the cutting and forming processes.