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The Only Hammer in the world made just for Knock Off Wheel Spinners! Will not harm polished or chrome spinner or wheel surfaces!! Made exclusively for us!!!

"Unlike tool & die or dead blow hammers, this heavy weight brute loosens stuck spinners with less effort and tightens spinners more accurately…"
Removing knock off spinners can be a tedious task if the proper equipment is not used, and even then, it still can be a chore. When it comes to loosening or tightening spinners, size matters! And with our Muther Thumper 7.0™ pound lead hammer, you have 40% more force available than any other mere 4 or 5 pound hammer more than double over the 3 pounders which usually disintegrate in no time.

Muther Thumper 7.0 is a brute of a tool, yet easy to handel and gentle enough not to marr your spinner's surface finish as well as compact enough to carry in your car. The large head surface area ensures a direct hit on target every time. Unlike other hard tool & die hammers, our dead soft cast lead material takes the beating, NOT your spinner's delicate& polished surfaces! And unlike other tool-die hammer aluminum shafts, our unique to the industry elegant Black protective non-slip cushioned grip keeps the hammer firmly in your hand at all times, unlike other metal handles on tool-die hammers. The perfectly weighted balance allows you to grip the shaft close to the head for more controlled strikes in confined areas while retaining all the power & inertia you'll ever need with this American Made Hammer!

Muther Thumper Tip- The heavier head allows you to grasp the hammer nearer to the head rather than having to swing it from the handle, therefore providing a much more secure and safer hit with less effort and increased accuracy with the larger diameter head... and lasts longer because of it!


Muther Thumper-7.0 ™  ***New!
7.0 pound Lead Hammer w/
Full Grip Handle

* Detailed Instructions with Helpful Tips
   and Hint Included - FREE!

the Entire length of the shaft is covered with a newly designed thicker, tougher black rubber non-slip hand grip to hold the hammer up high when installing spinners, to firmly grab with both hands when removing stuck spinners, and to protect the spinner from the metal shaft is you would slip and miss the target. No damage! No Problem!

and Reproductive Harm;

*   Huge 7.0 Pound hammer makes the others look like lightweights!
*   Extra heavy head weight lets the hammer do the hard work
*   Swing with less effort, yet with more results and impact
          *   Less risk of damage from having to swing too hard
*   Soft malleable lead will not damage polished or chrome surfaces
*   Made specifically for Knock Off wheel spinners of all kinds

Muther Thumpin™ TIP #1: Being able to grasp the hammer handle closer to the head provides increased accuracy with less risk of missing your target and damaging the wheel as well as not over tightening it. The heavier head eliminates the need to have to grab the handle at the rear requiring an unguided swing to produce the same force needed to remove the spinner. Additionally, the larger diamter of the head provides more contact surface to reach your target. This all provides a much more secure and safer hit with less effort and increased accuracy!

Protective handle eliminates rim scratches and gouges...

Muther Thumpin™ TIP #2: The most effective method of maximizing force to the spinner without damaging, it is to impact the spinner in the middle of the "ear" rather than at the very tip. Also, raise the tire off the ground and use a 2x4 under the tire as a wheel chock to prevent it from spinning all while reducing any weight of the car on the tapered hub. Then rotate the wheel to hit once on each ear making your way around the spiuner.  This not only divides up the force but also "cocks" the spinner side to side loosening it even more.

Muther Thumpin™ TIP #3: After a lot of hard use, the soft face of the head of the hammer can become rough in appearance. This is to be expected and it still will deliver harmless performance to the much harder spinner material. You can simply use the other side of the hammer to extend perfect contact operation. To rejuvinate your Muther Thumper™ for extended use, you can simply heat the face with a torch to remelt the surface smooth. Or you can "sand" the face smooth again on a belt or disc sander, and in extreme situations, just cut the face off with a hack saw leaving as much remaining lead on as possible. Since the head of the Muther Thumper™ is quite long in length, there is more than enough material for several refacings as time goes on, significantly extending the life of the tool far longer than other shorter, stubby hammers!
(of course, use the proper safety precautions whenever grinding or melting lead products, whether it be cast bullets or hammers)

LIFE SPAN AND RE-CASTING: Our lead hammer is made with an extra soft head to absorb the abuse rather than  transmitting it to your delicate spinner or wheel. While the hammer is a sacrificial lamb in most cases one of our hammers can last 10, 20 and even 30 years in normal conditions on a single collector car.  While some other tool and die hammers can be re-cast, by the time you ship the heavy hammer back and pay the recast fee and wait for it to come back, you almost could have bought a brand new one, so why bother? So don't. The fact you have to re-cast it is because it's the wrong hammer to begin with!

ABOUT SPINNER SOCKETS: For those thinking that a Spinner removal "Socket" would work better, it does not, and would only provide a false sense of security in thinking your spinner is tight. The impulse of a heavy hammer is much more effective at removing a stuck spinner than any wrench. Think of an impact gun. The gun can tighten lug nuts to the point a manual breaker bar can barely remove them, yet the impact gun gave very little feedback of effort and resistance to the person holding the gun. The very slight "pounding" of the gun gave way more tightening force than the massive torque that can be applied to a long breaker bar with all the might and strength of the operator in hand.


SPINNER 9-1-1: The only tool we have found that will remove a spinner better than the Muther Thumper™ lead hammer in the most extreme cases, is the powerful force of the Spinner 9-1-1™ Knock Off Removal Tool. Nothing comes close, but even then you will still need a Muther Thumper™ lead hammer to install the spinner as well as aid the Spinner 9-1-1 tool in removal.

What is smarter than a bag of hammers? The amazing Muther Thumper™ Lead Spinner Remover !!!