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Cutting apart and inspecting your oil filter for debris and tell tale signs of problems before they become serious is a time tested procedure worth the time and effort. However, up until now it took a lot of time, or the necessity of an expensive removable-reusable was filter was needed to accomplish this task.

This tool cleanly and quickly slices the filter casing, separating it for easy inspection without the possibility of contamination of metal filings when cutting it open by other means. The hardened cutting wheel can handle most any filter case while the roller bearing guides provide a smooth, effortless action. The sturdy thick metal base keeps everything secure while the adjustable vise handles most filters from 2" diameter up to 6" diameter.

Simply place the filter into the hard anodized billet aluminum vise, spin the knurled handle to capture the filter and spin the filter with your other hand while the filter is cleanly separated for easy access to the filter inside.

This heavy duty rugged tool with hardened cutting blades is built to last a good long time for both the professional, as well as the home mechanic.


Oil Filter Separator & Inspection Tool
fits round filters from 2" to 6" in diameter