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Demonstration Videos...
Below are a few live demonstration videos which show how the tool works, and how it solves real life difficult scenarios you may encounter. None of these situations were staged or propped. These are the real deal!
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...the Story Behind these Videos

For this tool's first trail run as luck would have it, we came across two very different real life examples that is doubtful they will ever be replicated or challenged. To prove how much faith we have in this tool, both of these videos were created on only one take, and the first time! There were no practice runs, no out takes and no second chances. These films are full length and uncut. I had to get my own spinners off of my own car! So I just decided to video tape it on the first trial run. In other words, as I was taking the video and attempting to remove the spinners, I myself did not know what the outcome would be so you can almost detect the surprised reactions and my restrained jubilation in my voice as the video progressed. Thus, this truly can be referred to as a "live demonstration" and trial by fire.


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    THE STORY...
This spinner was installed before your very eyes and pounded on so hard few would dispute that it would be incredibly difficult to remove. No one else has done a live test like this before, and while other spinner tool demonstrations leave you wondering just how hard their spinner was installed, this one leave no doubts at all. Just watch the video and see how well Spinner 9-1-1 did...

This involved a spinner that had not been able to be removed in 14 years and was literally frozen on. One ear had already been broken off and the other cracked leaving only one ear left. This was the last and only chance left. The video was left uncut in it's entirety so no hocus-pocus or staged scenes were possible. See how Spinner 9-1-1 performed...

Customer Testimonials...

Below are a just a few of the real life experiences shared by Spinner 9-1-1 users! These are real stories, from real people!

"Used the Spinner 911 for the first time yesterday. A friend had a knock-off that was as stubborn as any could be. All day Monday with a 6 lb lead hammer to no avail. So, on Tuesday, we watched the video, which was a big help, and my friend went to work with the Spinner 911. Guess what? It loosened the stubborn knock-off without damaging the knock-off or the wheel. Hooray for Spinner 911!!
- Lynn Park; La Canada, CA
(Trigo Wheels founder & known as "Mr.Cobra")

"I just had to let you guys know... My Backdraft spinners had not been off in 5 years.  Over a period of a month I had completely beaten a good 4 pound lead hammer to pieces & hadn't budged one spinner. I watched your videos & used 2 of your Spinner 911s at once & the 6 pound hammer you recommended & it took about 10 minutes a wheel to get the spinners off, amazing!! Many thanks!
- Carl C; Midlothian, TX

"On the day I received the tool I tried it out on my passenger side rear wheel spinner, which for some reason has always been a bear to remove (two spinners, three ears broken in only four wheel removals).  With the tool I was able to break it free as if it was loose, w/o the hammer. I especially like the way the design of the tool prevents wheel surface scratching. This tool needs to be in everyone's tool kit.  Thanks for a great design."
-Hal;  Wauconda, IL

"This spinner tool is much more effective and easier to use than anything else I have tried. It also doesn't leave marks on the spinner.  I keep it handy, in the glove box."
- Bob;  Noblesville, IN

"I use it all the time. mostly on older cars that were over tightened with no anti-seize.
-Ashton;  Irvine, CA

"I have one of the earlier Spinner 911 models. While I have not had a spinner which I considered to be stuck in recent years, I do bang them on there pretty tight with my Muther Thumper hammer. I'd rather be too tight than too loose. This tool backs them right off again with very little effort. Love it, love it, love it. I did have a spinner stuck about ten years ago that I thought I would never get off. I had to use every trick in the book and then get a pro to take it off for me. I sure wish I would have had one of these back then. Even if I did not use the Spinner 911 for routine removals, I would want one in my trunk for emergencies like I had ten years ago."
-Gary;  Spring, TX

"I have a shoulder injury and while I can install the knockoffs with the hammer, I can't remove them. I got Spinner 911 tool and I can take them off with a flick of the wrist. I read where it was a gentleman's tool. I may not be one but this tool make me look like a gentleman when I take my knockoffs off. I attached a picture of me in a suit and tie taking off my knockoffs.
-Art;  Tallahassee, FL

"I had spinners that were never removed by the previous owner in 14 years. I broke one ear off trying for 2 months in vain. Before drilling and chiseling them off I used the Spinner 911 tool and in just a few minutes I got them all off without any further damage and not a drop of sweat. Spinner 911 just saved me $400 the first time I used it, and saved hours and hours of time! It paid for itself 3 times over right out of the box. I keep a Muther Thumper lead hammer and Spinner 911 with me at all times."
-Randy;  Hartford, WI

Tool Fitment on Different Wheels

Our tool only fits the Original "style" Cobra 427 Wheels, and the commonly made exact replica of those wheels, such as the Trigo brand. Our tool is designed to exactly fit into the outer spoke hole, reach over to the other spoke to rest on and reach to the spinner at the same time. Any deviation of any one of these aspects and the tool will likely not fit.
Hint: The incorrect wheel below has narrower raised spokes and wider recessed spokes. Look closely...

The spoke style, size and depth & spacing of your wheel must be exactly like the wheel below for this tool to fit. The tool will work on this wheel.

While this wheel looks like it would be the same, it is very different.
The tool will not work on this wheel. See what makes it different...

This tool will also not fit on the Positive offset Compomotive brand Wheels