Performance Unlimited's Thunder Tubes® are made from high quality polished Stainless Steel for a long lasting finish. The big 3" slashed outlet will make the ground rumble. The 2.25" or 2.50" inlet allows easy clamp-on installation with no welding or cutting, unlike many other big-tube stainless tips. So we decided to come up with our own tip that was a direct fit, had an enlarged outlet, and of course, was made from the finest Stainless Steel available.

Other available tips can be used to custom-tune your exhaust's tone to your individual liking. Typically, shorter, round outlets increase the 'crack' or 'pop' of the tone. Longer, larger diameter slashed tips usually provide a deeper, throatier  rumble… almost like "turning up the Bass" of your engine's tone. This is especially desired if wanting to make the engine sound "big" & "larger than life". Tips may not necessarily enhance performance, however, slashed outlets can reduce resistance in some applications.

Do-It-Yourselfers making cross-over tubes for their custom exhaust will appreciate these fabricated tubing ends. These ends incorporate flanges to fit snugly against the side of a tube, with ample material to weld with. Once located on the tube, you can use the flange as a template to cut the hole. Then simply place the tube end over the hole, and weld. The other end is expanded to slip-fit into a standard sized exhaust tube. Header collectors can be used between one side and another to facilitate easy separation at any time. Thick heavy gauge steel for long life and easy, secure welding.

This in-line device simply clamps on in minutes, and allows quick and easy opening of the exhaust system for both sound and performance increases. By simply spinning off the three wing nuts, the exhaust cap slips off to reveal an unrestrictive open exhaust system. Again, within seconds, the exhaust can be easily capped and exhaust flow is then diverted back through the mufflers for quiet street operation. Excellent for competition, shows, at the track or even on the water for boats. Sold individually.

These solid, welded flanged collector reducers transfer exhaust flow from the header to the tubed exhaust system. The solid welded flange has a 100% positive seal, rather than the marginal and unreliable seal of the more commonly found "floating ring" system. This special solid welded flange design eliminates the need for specialty gaskets, including the expensive copper or aluminum "last resort" gasket kits. These high quality, high performance reducers are tough, long lasting and extremely durable components to compliment any high performance exhaust system.  The gentle reduction aids in flow and horsepower. Sold in pairs without gaskets or bolts. Uses standard flange gaskets.