Custom designed Severe-Duty recovery
straps specifically used for vehicular
  extraction  in the most adverse and
   demanding  conditions...

  These straps are designed specifically for pulling and stretching, and *not* simply "lifting slings being used in the wrong application."  The ultra-high quality webbing provides the most supple and controllable stretch, resulting in maximum pulling power with the least amount of stress on either vehicle. The longer length straps provide even more stretch, and therefore a softer pull, allowing smaller, lighter vehicles to pull out objects that weigh much more than their own weight, with relative ease.

Twisted loop technology allows the loop to be reversed, therefore if one side of the loop becomes worn or damaged, the other side can double the life of the strap. The standard strap on the bottom has had the unprotected loop frayed by abrasion, rendering it's future service useless to it's owner… after only a few minor pulls. Once frayed, the strength diminished to nearly zero, with the likelihood of failure to result at any time.

The Twisted Loop Design distributes a more even load across the entire strap webbing, providing a stronger means of attachment. Note the wider spread on the area where the two loops connect to themselves on the standard strap on the left to the minimized spread of the loop of the Super Strap on the right. This prevents the strap from 'pulling apart' at the seam while experiencing an extreme load.

The specially Leather padded loops are lined on both sides offering superior protection against abrasions, cutting and chaffing. The superior protection offered by a triple layered nylon wear pad covered with a thick leather covering on both sides of the loop far exceeds any other strap in strength and durability… all at a very affordable price. Note the standard strap on the
left already showing the red danger thread embedded in most straps.  The advantage of the twisted loop design can also be seen here.

These special loop-ends are narrower in design which enable even the larger straps to easily fit into the smaller tow hooks as well. Most other brand's loop ends are wider, and do not seat in the hook properly, therefore slipping out or puncturing the center of the loop with the hook, thus ruining the strap. Keeping your Super Strap® clean and out of the sun will further prolong the life of this incredible recovery device.

Performance Unlimited can have custom Super Straps made up directly to your specifications and needs, as well as provide special group and club discount pricing. Contact us for further info on this.
--  Maximum sizes available:  12 inches wide x   300 feet long  --