GEAR RATIO CALCULATOR: Accurately determine rear & front end gear ratio with just a floor jack

BATTERY RESERVE CALCULATOR: Estimate how long a battery will last while delivering a specific load

CYLINDER VOLUME CALCULATOR: Determine the volume and capacity of any cylindrical object

AIR FILTER SIZE CALCULATOR: Figure what size air filter is required for a particular engine demand application

CARB SIZE CALCULATOR: Estimate what size carburetor is required for a particular engine demand application

HORSEPOWER ESTIMATE CALCULATOR: Estimate general horsepower range of an engine with minimal data

INTAKE TEMP. & HORSEPOWER CALCULATOR: Estimate power loss or gains due to air temp changes

CUBIC INCH DISPLACEMENT CALCULATOR: Determine the displacement of internal combustion engines

COMPRESSION RATIO CALCULATOR: Determine the compression ratio of internal combustion engines

ENGLISH TO METRIC CONVERSION GUIDE: Convert back and forth between weights and measurements

CUBIC CENTIMETER TO CUBICH INCH CONVERSION: Convert displacement volumes from metric to english

LBS. PER HOUR TO GALLONS CONVERSION: Convert liquid flow into actual volumes delivered

HORSEPOWER TO TORQUE CONVERSION: Convert horsepower to torque figures at any given rpm

REAR WHEEL TO FLYWHEEL HORSPOWER COVERSION: Convert rear wheel figures to estimate flywheel figures

WEIGHT TO POWER CONVERISON: Convert weight change to estimate horsepower loss or gain