LICENSE PLATE SLOGANS:  Dozens of samples to pick your next plate from

VEHICLE NAMES: Hundreds of different descriptive slogans to identify your vehicle from the rest

WISCONSIN VEHICLE & LIFT LAWS: A condensed version detailing pertinent statutes for vehicle modifications

WISCONSIN TOWING LAWS: A condensed version detailing towing regulations and weigh station requirements

CUSTOM REAR AXLE SHAFT ORDER FORM: Information for measuring and ordering custom axles

CUSTOM FRONT AXLE SHAFT ORDER FORM: Information for measuring and ordering custom axles

CUSTOM DRIVE SHAFT ORDER FORM: Information for measuring and ordering custom length and H.D. driveshafts

CUSTOM SHOCK ORDER FORM: Information for measuring and ordering Rancho 9000 shocks by length

IGNITION TIMING: A brief a guide for getting the most out of your engine with correct distributor timing

COOLING FAN COMPARISION: A concise comparison between Electric, Flex and Clutch style cooling fans

ENGINE BEARING BASICS: An informative breakdown in understanding the make up and purpose of engine bearings

PISTON RING INSTALLATION: A graphical chart illustrating the recognized proper and optimum ring alignment

PISTON RING BASICS: A technical overview illustrating different piston ring dynamics, their advantages & disadvantages

PISTON BASICS: A graphical illustration of the how pistons are made, what is demanded of them and how they fail

HYPEREUTECTIC PISTONS: Technical and graphical illustration detailing production procedures and designs

SWIRL DESIGN PISTONS: Graphical illustration explaining the latest technology in piston design

QUENCH/SWIRL CYLINDER HEADS: A detailed illustration of the workings behind these aerodynamic chambers

CYLINDER HEAD BASICS: A look at a specific application regarding the use of ported Iron or Aluminum cylinder heads

CAMSHAFT SELECTOR: This guide lists numerous operating situations and several recommendations

ENGINE CFM CHART: Lists Carburetor and Fuel Injection CFM requirements at various RPM levels

EXHAUST SELECTION CHART: Illustrates recommended tubing size to horsepower requirements

ENGINE WEIGHTS: A detailed chart of popular engine makes & sizes compared on the scale- Also driveline weights too!

ENGINE DIMENSIONS: A detailed chart of popular engine makes and sizes compared with a ruler

FUEL OCTANE: A guide to optimum octane requirements and rating methods, and reformulated gasolines

BOOST COMPRESSION CHART: Calculate effective compression vs. boost ratios to determine fuel octane needed

AUTO TRANSMISSION OPERATION: An informative overview of how to make an auto trans live longer

AUTO TRANSMISSION DIPSTICK: An in-depth story revealing tips insuring correct auto transmission fluid levels

AUTO TRANSMISSION CORROSION: An interesting look at preventing unseen problems from occurring

TRANSMISSION EXPLODED VIEWS: Graphical illustrations of torque converters and the Gearvendors O.D.

DRIVELINE VIBRATION DIAGNOSIS: An intuitive guide to determine driveline problems, causes and cures

AXLE STRENGTH: An illustrated comparison of relative axle spline sizes, diameters, and their inherent strengths

DIFFERENTIAL EXPLODED VIEWS: Graphical illustration of the internal workings of open, posi and locker diffs

DRIVELINE EXPLODED VIEWS: Graphical illustrations of driveline components

DIFFERENTIAL DIMENSIONS: A detailed and growing chart of popular rear & front end housing widths & bolt patterns

TIRE BALANCING POWDERS: Some warnings about using this product with oversized aftermarket tires

USED TIRE PRICE ESTIMATOR: Use this chart to accurately calculate the price for selling or buying used tires

MUD vs. ALL TERRAIN TIRE SELECTOR: A chart to help determine the right tread style for your usage

ON-ROAD TIRE PRESSURE & ROTATION: Illustrated guide for determining the correct pressure and rotation

OFF-ROAD TIRE PRESSURE: Technical guide for determining optimum pressure for maximum traction

RECOVERY STRAP CAPACITIES: A detailed chart comparing capacities to vehicle weights and pulling forces

TOW HOOK MOUNTING TIPS: Illustrated technical document showing a secure method of frame mounting hooks

WINCHING TIPS AND HINTS: Numerous winch related tips to get the most out of any recovery winch, safely

WINCHING SPECIFICATION CHART: A comprehensive listing of numerous popular winches and performances

OIL VISCOSITY COMPARE: General recommendations for engine oil viscosity for a variety of applications

API OIL SPECIFICATION CODES: Industry standard for oil ratings for different applications and conditions

OIL BASICS: An in-depth report on different aspects of oil formulation, terminology, and what to look for in an oil

OIL SPECIFICATIONS: Manufacturer specification on important features of different oils for different applications

ENGINE & TRANSMISSION TEMP CHART: Detailed info on usable and dangerous operating temperatures

BOLT IDENTIFICATION: A comprehensive line up of bolt markings, specifications and applications

BOLT TORQUE SPECS: Proper torque ratings for various grades, threads pitches and diameters

FORD PART NUMBER DECIPHERING: Breaking down the meaning of the Ford Part Numbering Code

BRONCO IDENTIFICATION INDEX: A detailed history of Ford Bronco options, features & specifications back to '65

POWER TO WEIGHT GUIDE: Calculate and compare P/W ratios and accelerations of different applications

NATIONWIDE FUEL COSTS: A history of average gasoline costs in the U.S. since 1973

AUTOMOTIVE TIPS AND INFO INDEX: A collection of interesting & beneficial info for automotive use

FACTS AND FIGURES INDEX: Detailed automotive facts & figures to estimate when actual hard data is non-existant

CALCULATION AND FORMULA INDEX: Mathematical formulas for calculating various automotive related equations

SPARK PLUG SIDE GAPPING: Turn your own plugs into high performance lightning rods in minutes at no extra cost

VALVE ADJUSTMENT: The correct, quick and easy way to adjust engine valve clearances for mech., hyd. & roller lifters

GEAR BREAK-IN: Breaking in a new set of gears correctly insures maximum wear, which could otherwise fail in 10 miles

ENGINE BREAK-IN: Here is a detailed procedure to follow while breaking in a new engine to insure maximum longevity

COIL PAD SHIMS: A quick and easy way to straighten "bowing" coil springs on pre-1980 ford Broncos & Pickups

WINDSHIELD SUPPORT: A cool tip to support the windshield of Bronco's & Jeeps when running without a hard top

STRAIGHTENING AXLE HOUSINGS: An easy and cheap way to straighten axle housings after welding or being bent

HEADLAMP BOOST: A neat trick to get nearly twice the light from an existing headlamp system for under 10 cents