When running without the top on soft top equipped vehicles, there typically is a problem with the now relatively unsupported windshield from wiggling back and forth. Besides being annoying, it can be very hard on equipment, potentially leading to failure while being an increasing danger during it's operation. Solid mounting the windshield to the roll bar is one option, however, under flexing conditions, this places increased strain on the windshield frame and body, many times resulting in windshield breakage, or worse. We have been using the following tried and trued method for decades now, in all kinds of applications and terrain situations. This procedure provides both a sturdy and secure mount for the windshield, while allowing body components to flex independently of themselves. A simple, inexpensive and highly effect solution to a time honored problem.

Here is the rubber block before final cutting to fit. Notice the hole already drilled lengthwise through the middle. TIP: An excellent source for raw materials is from the rubber spacers usually included in engine or transmission cooler kits.

Looking from the inside of the cab area, this illustrates the cable pulling the windshield frame backwards with the free floating rubber block pressing forward between the frame and the rollbar. Note the simple cable connection. Typically, there needs to be one block and cable mounted on each side of the vehicle.

Another option for vehicles with rollbars too close to the windshield frame which will not allow the longer rubber block to be used, is illustrated by the photo to the left. In the center of the windshield frame, a single, short polyurethane bumpstop is attached, which presses forward between the rollbar and frame, while the cables are located on either end, which pull the windshield frame backwards, resulting in secure, yet flexible support.

TIP: This short poly bumpstop is a shelf number from Energy Suspension part number  9-9102-G