Photos from the Exterior

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The polished billet aluminum grille gleams in the sun and is book marked by the chrome mirrors on either side. The smoked hood protector deflects bugs up past the twin hood scoops and up over the windshield. The blacked out special edition headlight housings make this truck look very different from any other. The perfectly placed chrome and polished stainless steel make this truck stand out above and beyond all the rest.

You can see the gleam from this ultra black factory clear coat paint polished to a mirror like finish. The lower stainless steel panels and chrome side step bars add just the right amount of balance to the polished stainless steel door handle trim, unlike the factory's plastic door handles. The chrome tail light covers and huge stainless steel banks exhaust tip add to the glimmer from the clear coated polished alloy wheels.

It takes a perfect combination of well thought out and perfectly placed additions, accessories and modifications to make an otherwise big, slobby dual wheel work truck turn into and look like a classy, racy and nimble sports truck . This is one reason that separates this dually from all the rest and makes this truck so visually unique. What resides within and underneath the skin is what make this masterpiece so mechanically unique. If all duallys looked this sporty, everyone would have one.

Whether this truck is coming or going it makes a clear statement of class, style and perfection. No way is this truck going anywhere unnoticed. Even parked at a fine restaurant filled with Caddys and Lincolns this beautiful specimen of automotive luxury not only fits right in, but stands above the crowd, literally!

Following this truck makes you wonder exactly what it is you are following. Is it a race truck? Or is it a luxury SUV with dual wheels? One thing is for sure, it looks as good from the back as it does from the front. Clean, classy, tasteful and wonderfully unique.

This is the biggest, longest, widest truck you can buy, yet even from a side view it does not look like most other long duallys. But it does have very pleasing lines and a well balanced quality that attracts more attention than than the car being towed to the show sometimes. Now that's a significant statement!

This is what you'd be seeing if you were driving a Prius, and you'd be scared.. as you should be (along with embarrassed). On the otherhand you would have no idea that this big beast is getting almost as much if not more miles per gallon than most little SUV's on the road today! Looks  can be deceiving, but this rig is REAL!