Photos from the Exterior

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Even from this low front angle you can see a lot of the additions that are not on other factory truck like this. The billet aluminum grill, black edition headlamps, PIAA hi output bulbs producing the blue hue even when off, the twin hood scoops behind the smoke hood protector and the chrome mirrors really stand out.

This big black beauty looks proud and  confident even when standing still. Never has there been a big 4 door crew cab long box 4 wheel drive dually that looks this sexy, and yet is able to work so hard for it's master. There is not another one quite like this, any where. And for good reason, it took a long time and a lot of money to get it to this level of perfection.

The contrast of color and chrome, black and bright and reflection and refraction make this truck look just a little different at every angle. In the sun the pure pitch black almost looks like the chrome and stainless steel itself.

A squirrel's eye view reminds you this is a big, big truck! The sleek and slender look tends to make you forget this until it's time to load up a huge heavy trailer which it commands with respected authority.

The wrap around chrome bumpers meld perfectly into the polished stainless steel rocker panels as if the truck was paint tu-tone black and chrome.

The slippery smooth liquid black reflection of the glistening setting sun is like a layer of freshly laid wet paint. Black is usually considered a dark, lifeless color but on sculpted curves of this mighty machine it glows in majestic magnificence.

The top looks as sleek and clean at the front, back, sides or bottom. The hard roll back bed cover, rear window shade, rear tailgate spoiler, big Banks stainless exhaust tip, billet third brake light cover, twin removable CB antennas, stainless door and tailgate handles and chrome step boards  can all be seen from this one vantage point.