Photos from the Interior

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Immediately you notice there are no marks, scuffs, scratches or tears in the supple leather, and it is as tight as it was new. Everything in this truck is simply amazing, as it was meant to be that way. Note that even the inside of the door jambs are polished and waxed regularly. It is that level of attention to detail that surrounds this entire truck, both aesthetically and mechanically.

As you enter the business section of this machine notice the almost new leather on the steering wheel with no scuffs or scratches or wear marks on the door panels or the dash, buttons or carpeting. If you did not know the difference you'd think you were getting into a brand new truck still setting in the showroom at your Ford dealer. This vehicle may act and be capable of being a work truck, but it was kept and maintained as if it were a work of art hung in a gallery.

This is the office of the King of the Road, with every monitoring device, control, knob or switch  and communications method you could ever imagine. GPS, Satellite radio, Live TV broadcasts and CB radio provide the link to the outside world while the gauges and Banks IQ system watch every aspect of the engine and power train while underway all in the luxurious comfort of the enhanced Lariat interior and customized polished billet aluminum everywhere. This is comfort and functionality at it's pinnacle.

"Attention tower, this is F three-five-oh heavy ready for take off on runway 6, please advise".

Yes, the cockpit of this truck is almost like being aboard a commercial aircraft, tastefully adorned with gauges, buttons and switches monitoring and controlling just about every aspect of the vehicle and engine operation while underway. The spacious interior provide comfort no airplane cockpit could ever do and makes long trips seem shorter than they really are.

This is the dashboard in it's current setting with the absence of the Garmin auxiliary mapping module and the stock Ford slide out cup holder in it's place,. The Satellite radio receiver module is also shown removed but the docking mount and external antenna still in place. The original dash vent assembly comes with the truck if you want to revert back to stock instead of using the satellite radio feature. The lower auxiliary fuel test gauge is also shown removed below the air suspension controls.

The polished billet aluminum lever covers adorn the signal lever, shift lever and tilt steering wheel lever stalks.

The buttons on the leather wrapped steering wheel operate the cruise control functions as well as remotely control the temperature, heater, air conditioner, radio volume, channels, the CD, DVD and even juke box functions. Oh, there's a horn asnd air bag in there somewhere too.