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The Eclipse Stereo and voice navigation system has a high definition 6.5" touch screen and includes a DVD and CD player with an internal 30 GB Hard Drive to store up to 3,000 songs for juke box memory play. Just insert a CD and it records any or all of the songs to the hard drive and you never need that CD again. The amplified TV tuner also lets you watch  television broadcasts with the built in stealth TV antennas. It can also act as a backup camera or as a live video monitor connected to a camera on the back of your trailer.

left: A built in 9 band graphic equalizer and bass booster with 5 presets even has a "flat" option for when listening to talk radio.

right: The voice navigation system provides mapping, waypoints, points of interest, auto routing and is hard drive updatable for free by down loading from their website to a CD, and inserting the CD.

left: Feed sources included AM, FM, CD, MP3 sticks, DVD, Videos and you can even watch movies or live TV broadcasts, listen to 3,000 of your own favorite songs from the juke box HDD or even plug in a video camera & view from the camera memory or from live feed!

right: These controls access the features behind the screen.

left: The 6.5" screen can be tilted at any angle for viewing. While the radio is playing you can even record the song to the internal hard drive for replay anytime. You can also download songs from a memory stick as well.

right: With the screen fully opened  or opened access to the CD/DVD and memory stick portals are available.

The remote camera feature allows you to position one or more  cameras wherever you wish. This view is from a rear view camera mounted high up on top of a trailer so you can see behind you and over dozens of cars at all times while driving. You can be viewing the rear view screen at the same time as listening to the radio or the satellite feed or the HDD juke box source.

The built in Sirius satellite radio docking mount and external antenna allows you to use a mobile sat-receiver which plays seamlessly right through the main radio stereo system.

The three round rocker switches under the radio screen turn on the amplifier for the TV antennas, the second turns on the remote camera view, and the third turns the CB radio on and off with the key, or provides power to it at al times where you can turn it off on the CB itself so you can work the CB even with the key off.

left- The Escort 8500 XD-50, trailer backup sensor and dash cam are all hardwired for autotmatic key on/off operation.

right- The factory speakers have been replaced with larger high powered custom fit Infinity and Kicker speakers with larger bass range.

left- Average highway mileage miles per gallon shown on a 380 mile trip without the double overdrive engaged. expect up to 5 mpg better when shifting the Gearvendors auxiliary unit into double overdrive for 1200 rpm @ 60 mph

below- Keyless entries, remotes for stereo, DVD, & TV control everything

upper right- The remote key fob alarm pager transmits and receives up to two miles. The illuminated LCD screen displays what zone has been interrupted if there is an alarm page and can identify a door or hood being opened, a shock detected, a window broken or movement in the interior space from the microwave sensor. You can even arm the vehicle with the windows open and it will set it off if someone places their arm within the cabin space! You can remotely silence the page and reset the alarm, set off the alarm or lock and unlock the doors. You can even remotely arm only the doors and turn off the shock and microwave sensor if leaving kids or pets in the truck while running into a store. You can even arm the truck while it is running and if anyone opens a door or steps on the brake the engine shuts off, sets off the alarm & sends you a page.

The remote start feature will wait for the glow plugs to heat in winter before starting, and the pager lets you know when the engine has actually started and is running. You can turn the engine off remotely and even program the engine to start at predefined time intervals- such as every 4 hours and run for 15 minutes and shut off by itself if parked in extreme cold weather (40 below zero). You can program when it starts, how long it will run, and automatically reset the alarm each time.