Photos from Below the Chassis

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The giant 63 gallon main fuel tank is discreetly hidden underneath in the stock location. The heavy gauge steel fuel tank made by Transferflow weighs about 220 pounds empty, and is exponentially stronger than the small 38 gallon stock plastic tank.

Fast Fill feature allows you to use the larger big rig fuel filler nozzle at the gas station to fill the first 60 gallons at full speed. The last 3 gallons only take a minute to fill. Previously the last 7 gallons would take 5-10 minutes to complete the fill.

The underside is also very clean. To the left is the Gearvendors 2 speed auxiliary overdrive transmission that mounts behind the stock transmission and transfercase, which doubles all of your forward gears and splits shifts in between them. To the right it the hi volume hi pressure air pump the supply the rear air bags as well as to a air tank for airing up tires, etc.

The newly built Ford 5 speed overdrive transmission with only 20k miles on it, is seen under a very clean front Dana 60 solid axle. The underside was washed with an underbody flush 2 to 3 times every week at the same time the truck was washed, which was every few days. A beautiful truck like this deserves 360 degree care which is one of the reasons it still looks like new everywhere you look!

left- Big Dana 80 rearend with Posi traction is all new with only 8k miles on it and is hugely larger than the Sterling rear end used in single rear wheel trucks. The special rear aluminum cover is a prototype made by the Superduty plant and has internal cooling ribs

right- The Air Lift 5,000 pound Firestone air bags lift the rear while supporting heavy loads and making the ride glass smooth and fully adjustable from the cab

left- The air suspension at it's normal ride height.

right- The air suspension raised in height as well as able to carry up to an additional 5,000 pounds over the rear axle. And ths is above and beyond the capacity of the leaf springs

left- The rocker switch increases the pressure in the rear air bags for the right or left side while the two buttons below release each side's pressure. The dial has two indicator needles to read both sides independently

right- The buttons in the center control the shock dampening for the front and rear independently for an absolute perfect ride no matter what the conditions. The left dial reads the front shocks while the right dial reads the rear shock absorber dampening.

6 new BF Goodrich rugged Trail tires were installed only 9,000 miles ago and were balanced using internal balancing beads so you will never have to balance them again for the life of the tire, which should be a long time. The last set lasted 66,000 miles and still had safe usable tread on them.