Catalytic Converters have long been associated with "restricting performance" and "lowering horsepower." Like anything, if there's a problem, there's a cure, and Random Technologies Racing Catalytic Converters really make the difference.

Tests have proved the effectiveness of the Random converter to be double or tripled that of stock converter, and almost 50% more than many so called "performance" converters. We have shown that this particular converter out-flowed every other street muffler on the market we tested.

So then, the intended advantage from a low restriction exhaust systems will not be fully realized until the converter restriction can be solved. The  importance of a free flowing converter becomes more and more important as the overall engine output increases (horsepower). The newer OEM converters, in good working condition, appear to work excellent in their original application. Dual (side by side) converters also reduce restriction as well.

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