The store as it is known now, opened in July of 1990. The business, starting out in a home garage and first launched in the spring of 1979.
September 1st, 2019 we moved to an 11,000 sq ft facility 15 miles away in West Bend, WI. to expand our research, design and manufacturing capabilities

Nationally Acclaimed Around the World...
Performance Unlimited and our customers have been featured in numerous nationally distributed magazines including...

- Sep 1983  Popular Hot Rodding
- Sep 1990  4-Wheel & Off Road
- Mar 1993  Off-Road
- Jul 1993  Four Wheeler
- Jun 1994  Four Wheeler
- Feb 1995  Four Wheeler
- Sep 1995  4-Wheel & Off Road
- Dec 1995  4-Wheel & Off Road
- Mar 1996  Four Wheeler
- Apr 1996  Four Wheeler
- May 1996  Four Wheeler
- Jul 1996  4-Wheel & Off Road
- Oct 1996  Off-Road
- Nov 1996  Four Wheeler
- Nov 1996  4-Wheel & Off Road
- Sept 1997  Four Wheeler
- Oct 1997  Four Wheeler
- Dec 1997  Four Wheeler

- May 1998  Four Wheeler
- Jun 1998  Four Wheeler
- Jul 1998  Four Wheeler
- Jul 1998  ESPN2's "Rev-It-Up"
- Aug 1998  Four Wheeler
- Sep 1998  Four Wheeler
- Oct 1998  Four Wheeler
- Oct 1998  4-Wheel & Off-Road
- Oct 1998  ESPN2's "Four Wheeler TV"
- Oct 1998  ESPN2's "Four Wheeler TV"
- Nov 1998  Four Wheeler
- Dec 1998  Four Wheeler
- Jan 1999  Four Wheeler
- Feb 1999  Four Wheeler
- Mar 1999  Four Wheeler
- Jul 1999  Four Wheeler
- Aug 1999  Four Wheeler
- Sep 1999  Four Wheeler

- Oct 1999  Four Wheeler
- Apr 2000  4x4 Power
- May 2000 4x4 Power
- Aug 2000 Four Wheeler
- May 2002 Four Wheeler
- Jun 2002 Four Wheeler
- Jan 2003 Four Wheeler
- Sep 2003 4wd & Sport Utility
- Nov-Dec 2003 Bronco Driver
- Apr 2004 Four Wheeler
- Jun 2004 Four Wheeler
- Aug 2004 Four Wheeler
- Jul-Aug 2004 Bronco Driver
- Nov-Dec 2004 Bronco Driver
- Jan 2005  4-Wheel & Off-Road
- Jan 2005  Kit Car Magazine

Supporting the Media...

Performance Unlimited has been a regular consultant and advisor on many projects for numerous automotive magazines. Recently, we have been actively working on a Magazine article build-up projects for several National & world Wide Media Magazines magazine involving many new innovative products and procedures.

Project "Bad In Black" is a 1998 Jeep TJ which was designed to be Rugged, Reliable while being Road & Trailworthy. Bad In Black appeared in a 4 part series in the April through July 1998 issues of Four Wheeler Magazine. Some of the modifications included Air Lockers, Air Suspension, Suspension Lift, Front Winches and Bumper, See-Thru Hard Top and much, much more.

"Project M-P-G" is a 1988 Ford Centurion dually pickup, where Performance Unlimited was challenged by Four Wheeler Magazine to get 90% more fuel economy and 60% more power out of the big block burdened beast. After nine months of testing and thousands of test miles later, victory was ours! Not only did we stand up to the challenge, but Performance Unlimited organized, photographed, tested and even wrote the entire article! This landmark project tested all the old hot rodder theories as well as devising and proving some new ones. It has been estimated that this one story has saved more fuel and reduced more emission than any other in automotive history! Project M-P-G appeared in a 4 part series with the July through October 1999 issues of Four Wheeler Magazine. Some of the modifications included Headers, Mufflers, Catalytic converters, Exhaust, Computer module, Air filter, Air box insulation, Tune up, Synthetic fluids, Additives, Fuel regulator, and much more.   

And A Little Bit About Performance Unlimited...
There is no question, the premise that this company was founded on was making something good... even better. It was only natural that the perfect platform to exercise this need was in the highly technical automotive field.

After an extremely active 13 years of asphalt, drag and off-road racing as well as truck pulling experience, the company founder decided to quit his 10 year Factory Job and open the Performance Unlimited 1,600 square foot showroom & store in Hartford, WI, full time. The store was intended to cater to the "do it yourselfer" automotive enthusiast as well as the "New comer" to this field. Immediately the success of this store took off in grand fashion. Performance Unlimited has been in the automotive business for over 24 years now.

The people that work at Performance Unlimited, also play hard in many automotive sports from mud racing, drag racing, road course racing, auto-crossing and even concourse shows. In the past 24 years they have taken part of over 375 Asphalt & Mud Races, 265 Off Road Trailrides,  participated in offroad events during week long trips to Colorado 19 times as well as participating in 155 shows resulting in excess of  earning  137 first place trophies among their 212 trophy collection, including several overall year-end points championships titles. Races were attended throughout the state from 1981 right up to the present.

The success of their racing has brought a wealth of information to their customers, as the staff at Performance Unlimited are more than willing to share their "secrets of the trade." Our 24 hour hot-line helps out his customers when ever and where ever they are at all times. This type of dedicated services just can't be found anywhere, and the more than 1,800 different part numbers and well over 8,000 items in stock along with next day availability on most special order items, keep our customers satisfied.

The Magazines  Frequently ask Performance Unlimited Customer's vehicles to grace the pages of their world wide magazines... well over 50 to date. Many of these and more are located in our featured vehicles page on this web site. In the past several years Performance Unlimited has had their annual Silver Lake Sand Blast Event weekend featured in the many 4x4 magazines around the country. "Our trucks get noticed, both while performing and even when just sitting still..."

In the spring of 1998, 2 of Performance Unlimited's staff along with along with 2 customers were called to duty in Hollister, California for Four Wheeler Magazine's coveted Top Truck Challenge. These four trucks were picked out of 64 from the readers of the magazine to compete against 6 others from around the country. Having the Store's  4x4 Truck featured on the August 1998 issue was the highlight of the event, and gave some real insight in which we have been sharing with our customer's projects to help them achieve their individual goals.

Off Roading, Performance Unlimited has held their annual Silver Lake Sand Blast Event in Silver Lake, Michigan, which has been featured in the many 4x4 magazines around the country. Since 1994, this annual event has been growing and getting better ever since. Other than a meager registration fee to cover mailing costs, Performance Unlimited has been funding this event every year, absorbing the entire cost of the event with very little advertising done along the way. "We do this event to give back something to our four wheeling  customers that have helped let me live our life's dream of enjoying our work, and making our business successful."

Sports Cars & Hot Rodding, Performance Unlimited have been long standing hot rodders, whether in a 700 hp 44" tire'd off road race truck or behind a sleek, 180 mph AC Cobra, we cover all the bases. Performance Unlimited has held several annual car event gatherings around the country, and while we incur most of the set up and organization costs of the event there is never a charge to the participants at all, and the entire event is free to those that attend. "Like the other events we hold, we do this to give back something to our hot rod and sports car customers that have supported us in their patronage as well as their friendship over the years of our business."

The Internet, while being used by thousands of company's to further their own interests and bank accounts, Performance Unlimited has taken quite a different approach. "If we can help out our customers that have helped us so much over the years, then we'll have succeeded!" The Internet is the perfect medium to provide both entertainment as well as knowledge to our thousands of customers world wide. And like everything we do at Performance Unlimited, we'll try and make our internet site the best on-line location as we humanly possibly can… if not better!

Performance Unlimited has served  Tens of Thousands of customers over their counters, and Thousands through our mail order division. Performance Unlimited's motto is, "Our customers are the most important people in the world to us" and that's the way we treat them.

The Future holds the secret to Performance Unlimited's continued success, and the people at Performance Unlimited have never forgotten all the customers that got them to where they are today. No goals of "making a fortune" is ever spoken, but rather the goal that appears on their wall, is to "get the customer the best possible quality at the best possible price, and provide the best possible service that is humanly possible… and then try to do it all just a little bit better, every single day."