CLEANING: Completely disassemble and thoroughly clean the components and housing for the last time.

LUBRICATING: Before assembling, use a Liberally apply a light moly engine assembly lube, such as the "Lubri-Plate" brand, or "Vaseline" petroleum jelly will also work. This will lubricate the parts before the oil reaches them as well as "pre-prime" the pump without the necessity to hand prime it and having to take the distributor out after the oil pump is installed.

First install the relief valve and spring assembly with a light coating of lubricant. Ensure it moves freely and smoothly back and forth before proceeding. Then coat the inside of the housing with lubricant before inserting the rotors. Once the rotors are installed add lubricant between the rotor vanes but only place a very light film on the top of the rotor surfaces.

BOLT TOGETHER: Using Loc-Tite #271 thread locker, apply a single drop into each threaded hole. Do not apply it on the bolt, where the liquid can ooze out during assembly and between the cover and housing and spread it apart like a hydraulic ram. Secure bolts to specs. Do not over tighten!

Congratulations! You have just created, completed and installed the most efficient high performance oil pump possible, that will result in the highest possible pressure, highest volume potential, and the coolest temperature producing oil from any pump you can buy.