1)    SCANNER: Auto-scan for 50 states including law enforcement, DOT & Emergency. Capable of locating with just their radio in the "on" position! (Uniden)
2)    SCANNER: Programmable 16 channel multi-band (Bearcat)
3)    RADAR DETECTOR: Multi-Band/Laser front and rear detector (Uniden)
4)    SWITCH PANEL: Left to Right; Rear cargo lamp, Forward cabin lamp, Rear Work Flood Lamps, Television
5)    C.B. 2-WAY RADIO: 120 channel SSB 5watt/15watt CB Radio (Uniden)
6)    REARVIEW MIRROR: Compass/Temp/Auto dimming mirror (Gentex)
7)    FUEL PRESSURE GUAGE: For monitoring Adj. EFI regulator (Autometer)
8)    TAIL LAMP INTERRUPT: Pushbutton to flash tail & running lamps after completing a pass on the highway
9)    HEAD LAMP INTERRUPT: Pushbutton to flash headlamps lamps after being overtaken by a passing vehicle
10)  DRIVING LAMPS: Actuate the 55 watt KC composite 5x7" under-bumper driving lamps
11)  AUTO LAMP: Toggle to engage electric eye for auto on/off headlamp system
12)  AUDIBLE SIGNAL INDICATOR: Switchable from silent to beeper tone when turn signals are activated.

13)  O.D./GEAR SPLITTER ACTUATION: Manually turns Gearsplitter on & off during split-shifts (Gearvendor)
14)  AUTO OVERDRIVE ENABLEMENT: Sets Gearsplitter from Manual to Automatic overdrive modes (Gearvendor)
15)  REMOTE PAGER: Pages when alarmed, and 3 codes can be sent when signaling passenger walking about (up to 2 miles).
16)  ALARM SYSTEM AND REMOTE START: Remote keyless entry, remote start, Alarm and remote activation of rear lights.
17)  BASS BOOSTER: 250 watt amp connected to 4 under-the- seat 75 watt Bass Shaker speakers
18)  STEREO: Jensen 4-channel 120w AM/FM/CD with 250w bass booster, 4 speakers & 2 high range tweeters
19)  AUX. CERTIFIED TACHOMETER GUAGE: Accurate engine RPM reading (Autometer) w/adjustable shift light
20)  CELL PHONE: Ameritech 3 watt w/external 3db gain antenna
21)  WATER TEMP GUAGE: Measures Water Coolant temp in the engine block (Autometer)
Measures Engine Oil temp in the oil pan (Autometer)
Measures Automatic Transmission temp in the trans oil pan (Autometer)
Measures ATF lubricant temp in the aluminum transfercase  (Autometer)
Measures 90w Gear Lube temp right in the rear differential (Autometer)
22)  ALTIMETER: For 0-15,000' Altitude measurements
23)  TRAILER BRAKE CONTROLLER: Draw-Tite Digital electronic auto/manual 6-Brake trailer controller unit
24)  DATA ACQUISITION UNIT: Lap-Top transferable data entry unit for recording tests, conditions and performance results
25)  COLOR TV: 5-1/2" Color Television with exterior long range antenna
26)  110 VOLT VOLTAGE CONVERTER: Provides a maximum of 600 watts of 110 volt current to power AC equipment
27)  12 VOLT POWER: Direct 30 amp link to the dual batteries for operating 12 volt equipment
       NOT SHOWN)
Behind the rear seat are two (2) permanently mounted 2-1/2 lbs. Fire Extinguishers,
       Complete First Aid Kit and a 3-"D" cell Mag-Light flashlight, along with a complete tool kit and full-sized spare tire.