...Imagine yourself sliding down into the German Leather seats, where you securely fasten your seat belt and harnesses. With a short moment of silence, and one final swallow, you slowly insert the key into the ignition with ease, and twist the key until you hear the faint whir of a finely tuned starter. Within a fraction of a second, you hear the labored thumping under the hood just inches in front of you, as the massive pistons throb up and down slowly building the pressure needed to ignite the cavernous chambers of fuel and air which lie just above them.

Suddenly, without warning, a thunderous roar erupts beneath your feet as four hundred and twenty seven inches of Professionally prepared Ford Big Block comes to life, breathing fire from the gigantic 3-1/2" twin exhaustums on either side of you. You feel every one of your internal organs vibrate harmoniously in tune with the cycling of the pistons only inches away. The early evening silence of the previously docile summer evening is shattered forever, as children stop playing, and old men peer up in anticipation. The incredible quaking roar would give the impression to unsuspecting bystanders that the World itself, has finally come to an end. The smile on your face would be impressive enough to make even "the Joker" envy in respect.

As the fire grows in the eight massive cylinders, you gingerly slip the synchronized 5 speed aluminum transmission into it's very first gear, almost as if you were setting a finely made watch. Carefully, carefully… you ease out the clutch with the utmost care, and the lightweight beast begins on it's designated journey of head turning and jaw dropping, where ever it's visual victims stand aside it's path. They will survive their encounter with the king of all snakes, but, they will never, ever forget.

As you begin to increasingly accelerate, already your adrenaline is rushing like a raging river deep in the Amazon Jungle. Your now wrinkled cheeks begin to pull back as the G-force works to rip the skin from your body like the leaves of a tree in a hurricane. You can feel the flesh seeping between your ribs as the strain of acceleration become even greater. A flash of your watering eyes reveals several more inches of space still beneath your right foot. Now, bravely applying more pressure to the ever so small gas pedal, you can feel the blood weighting your veins rearward as your tongue is almost pulled back into your throat, requiring you to force in the clutch, and allow air to once again enter your lungs.

As the increasingly flow of adrenaline now reaches your nearly frozen stiff foot, you muster up the raw courage and slam second gear, thereby summoning the horsepower gods to reign terror down upon the mere mortals of the Earth. As the big gooey tires out back connect with force, those standing nearby will swear they actually felt the ground beneath them move, causing the sunrise to be several seconds earlier from that point on in time.

As the ear deafening roar of the 600 escaping horses fills the countryside, you are pinned back in your seat as if you were strapped into a rocketship heading towards the moon. Fulfilling your gear selection options, you strain to catch a quick glimpse of the speedometer as it rotates off the scale. Realizing that the 5 'clock position is all you can see on your 180 mile per hour speedo, you know that anyone who may have been behind you, has most certainly vaporized into just a fleeting memory by now. Those around your re-entry into the sound barrier realize they have just experienced more violence from under your hood, than the accumulation of all the world's wars, combined.

Letting the pace of your well trained reptile dwindle to speeds which mere mortals labor to achieve once in a lifetime, your cruise has finally come to an end… for now that is, for you've reached your destination. Your mission completed. Your wildest fantasy, fulfilled.

As you grab a gallon of milk off the Seven-Eleven shelf, you think to your self, "maybe tomorrow, I'll open 'er all the way up… just maybe…

One more day in your life, complete. One more day in your fantasy, realized-   Only, in a Superformance