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Most Cobras use with typical rubber style anti-sway bar bushings. While rubber is generally quiet and durable, their inherent flexible nature can be improved on by upgrading to a polyurethane version. Firmer bushings mean a more reactive sway bar, therefore the car will handle better in corners. While polyurethane is in fact firmer in consistency and more resistant to failure by cracking, polyurethane does in fact "take a set" (harden) sooner than the more compliant rubber counterpart. However, it would take dozens of years for the polyurethane to pose a problem in a well kept and low mileage Cobra. The ride may be a bit firmer on uneven roads with the polyurethane over the rubber version, but the increase in handling and suspension response would far out weigh that. 

After only three months of mild usage and low miles, the rubber bushings are already visibly failing. The split in the rubber is located right on the parting line where the rubber cast was poured. Within a short period of time, the rubber would have split through completely, thus falling off entirely, creating a space and resulting in poor handling along with an audible "clunk" on uneven roads.

Here are the much improved quality polyurethane bushings installed on the rear sway bar. It's visually obvious of how much tighter and firmer these bushings are. These upgraded pieces can be installed in under an hour with only a few hand tools.

SwayBar End Link Bushings

Our bushings are made of a stronger polyurethane, but is manufactured slightly softer than most of the other "universal" bushings, to be able to better conform to the inherent stud misalignment, otherwise possibly causing the stud to bend with the harder poly's out there.

footnote 1 = Early style SPF ranges from car # 10 to approximately # 1900
footnote 2 = Late style SPF ranges from approximately car # 1900 to present

SwayBar Frame Bushing & Brackets

NOTE: When replacing the original front frame bushings on the Superformance brand Mk-III you will need to install our new correct BASE PLATES...


Please assist us in listed other replica applications if you have detailed information for what will fit and will not. Thank you!