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the Gentlemen's Tool...
"Unlike the other many, many unsuccessful methods or tools to remove difficult to remove spinners, this small, lightweight and compact tool carries the muscle of a giant killer and exceeds all others in sheer brute force and powerful effectiveness "

Removing knock off spinners with a good lead hammer like our Muther Thumper 7 pounder can be a quick and effective method in most cases. However, when a spinner gets stuck or seizes, your life can become a miserable living hell.

Spinners can seize for various reasons including from being installed too tight, insufficient anti-seize lubricant, debris in the threads, burrs in the threads, threads bending over from soft spinner material, and more.

When attempting to remove a too-tight spinner such as the above, spinner wings and/or ears can be bent and even broken off. Other past methods of sockets with huge long levers and bars just do not have the force. Other tools with heavy spinning weights just bang away on your highly prized parts and is difficult to store. and all are very expensive.

This tool virtually PREVENTS the risk of any type of damage from happening!

Spinner 9-1-1 spinner removal tool is truly a gentlemen's tool, with the ease of use of a finely crafted swiss watch, yet generating the force of 16 pound sledge hammer at full swing without the damaging shock of impact. Spinner 9-1-1 removes even the most stubborn spinners smoothly, quietly and surely every time. And at a fraction of the cost and size and weight of the other cumbersome and pricey attempts out there. The design of this tool uses the same forces and leverage used to press wheel bearings off an axleshaft.

The soft contact surfaces of
Spinner 9-1-1 prevents any metal to metal contact and will not marr your spinner or rim's delicate polished or painted surfaces! The Spinner 9-1-1 tool is so light and compact you can carry it just about anywhere.

Spinner Removal Tip- Using this Spinner 9-1-1  tool in conjunction with our Muther Thumper 6 pound lead hammer can increase the overall effectiveness by DOUBLE!

To use both for extreme situations, just put pressure on the spinner with this tool, and tap on an adjacent wing or ear with the hammer to "help it along".
You can use up to *3* tools on one wheel in extreme situations!

Spinner 9-1-1  is made from aircraft 7075 billet aluminum, and is all you'll ever need with this materfully crafted and perfectly designed American Made Tool, and proudly imported from Detroit!
Spinner 9-1-1  precision tools are individually and meticulously machined one at a time by tool designer and fellow Cobra owner  for the utmost in quality, performance and perfection in every tool that only a finely hand crafted product, could!

Buying Tips: Our specialized 7.0 pound spinner hammer and special Anti-Seize are the most popular aditions to the 911 tool to help remove and install and make spinners easy to get back off. The Safety Wire and Safety Pliers help keep them on. These fit 15", 16", 17" and 18" wheels* perfectly! --- Fits the Front as well as the deep dish Rear wheels equally as well!

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Spinner Removal Tool - Fits most 15",16",17" & 18" Cobra Style wheels as shown
Complete as seen above - Polished  finish optional (does not fit FIA or GT40 style wheels)
*The spoke style, size and depth & spacing of your wheel must be exactly like the wheel below for this tool to fit
CLICK HERE to see comparisons and what that means



Optional Chrome High Quality Ratcheting Wrench
For the above spinner tool for quicker operation & more clearance than a socket


7.0 Lb. Muther Thumper Lead Hammer for Installation & Removal
For installing spinners & assisting in stubborn removals in conjunction with the 911 tool


Spinner Eaze special liquid anti-seize * * *
Specially designed just for for knock off spinners to prevent corrosion for easy removal


Safety wire Pliers & Safety wire Kit
10" Pliers and 215' spool of .041" Safety wire to secure spinners after tightening

Optional ratcheting wrench speeds removal by 5 times without risk of hitting rim. Fits tool perfectly -Brand may differ

Tool attaches to rim in seconds. Easy pull on a wrench begins pulling the spinner (note black indicator marks)


Don't let this happen to you! Spinner 9-1-1 won't!

Within less than a minute even the most stubborn spinner is loose and spun off by hand (note black indicator)

Spinner 9-1-1 is so small & compact you can put in your coat pocket and go to dinner with it!

In extreme cases of severely stuck spinners you can use up to 3 Spinner 9-1-1 tools at once.
Imagine the combined force of three
Spinner 9-1-1 tools at nearly 6,000 pounds!