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"...Ultra-Shift is unlike any Transmission Lubricant You Have ever experienced, it is 'thee' Ultimate. Nothing smells like it, nothing looks like it's deep fluorescent color, nothing works as good as this and nothing come even close to it's performance...  Nothing!"
High performance manual transmissions do not always shift as smooth and as sure as they could. Our Ultra-Shift High Performance Transmission Lubricant is specifically intended for high strength manual transmissions which typically exhibit a less than desirable "smooth" transition from one gear to another. If you're transmission feels "notchy", then this is your best bet! Get silky smooth and quicker shifts while enjoying cooler operating temperatures from your high performance transmission instantly by "pouring in the performance" with Ultra Shift™. Excellent for use in high speed transmissions desiring quick shifting characteristics.

Each bottle of Ultra-Shift™ is meticulously prepared and filled to the most stringent and accurate specifications, one at a time.

Ultra-Shift™ Synthetic Manual Transmission oil has been specially formulated to survive ultra-severe punishment and abuse of high performance street and competition applications.

Ultra-Shift™ is designed to withstand and provide superior protection against tremendous heat, high speed, extreme pressure and brutal torque shock-loading conditions. Adheres to metallic surfaces and will not drain off.

Ultra-Shift™ Synthetic gear oil based lubricant is thermally stable and engineered with all the necessary extreme cooling and beneficial high pressure additives included to make this the most potent lubrication package possible.

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High-Performance Transmission
-Synthetic Gear Oil  Based Fluid 32 oz. - 1 Qt. bottle
usually 2.50 - 2.75 quarts fills most transmissions

While not intended to "fix" mechanical transmission problems, Ultra-Shift™ is designed to help good transmissions shift better, operate cooler and last longer!

Ultra-Shift™ incorporates the unique properties of enjoying the low viscosity and low resistance of Automatic Transmission fluid while taking advantage of the lubrication adhesion and cooling benefits of 140 weight gear lube.

Ultra-Shift lubrication package contains the following additives:

- Extreme Pressure Additive
- Lubricity Improver
- Heat Dissipation Additive
- Adhesion Improver
- Low Temp Viscosity Enhancer
- Corrosion Inhibitor

Ultra-Shift is designed to be compatible with all types of seals and will not cause seals to leak.

    Excellent for use in all...
- Manual transmissions
  - Transfer cases
    - Transaxles &
without clutches



Ultra-Shift™ provides these benefits:

*  Intended to be
the absolute best total lubricant
    package specifically for high performance

    manual transmissions & differentials
-period !

*  Greatly improved
silky smooth shifting

*  Significantly
reduced operating temperatures

Withstands brutal high heat situations

Absorbs extreme pressure & severe shock loading

*  Notably
reduced gear and bearing noise

*  Significantly
improved gear and bearing life

Reduced friction and power loss

Tremendous lubrication adhesion properties

Superior lubrication film strength barrier

Unaffected by moisture & condensation

Safe for all transmission bearings, bushings, gears,
    synchros & seals and will
not cause seals to leak

Allow 500 miles for the product benefits to take full effect...

PERFORMANCE TIP: Some Tremec transmissions can achieve better and smoother shifting if you fill the fluid level about 1/2" BELOW the fill hole opening. Ensure the car is level and the fluid has had time to settle before taking the final reading. Insert your little finger into the fill hole, bending it down into the cavity and the fluid should barely touch the tip of your finger.


"Two thumbs up for this stuff...!!!" ... All shifts are fast and solid and no noticeable tendency to hang between gears. Previous to this I had tried the (Cobra Valley Ultimate Transmission Treatment) additive with BG Syncro Shift-II which I found to be a big improvement over the original Valvoline, but this new Ultra Shift fluid is about that much improvement again over the additive and the BG Fluid... I'm REALLY impressed that any lubricant can make such a big difference! Not sure what it's like, but it's potent!  A smell you won't soon forget… Don't know what's in it, but something strange floating around in there. Felt pretty normal, but washing it off is a whole new experience! ... I used a water glass from the kitchen. After 15 minutes of trying to wash it out, I threw the glass in the trash!! Shhh we won't tell the wife about that one. I did manage to get the greasy film out of the glass after much detergent, steaming water and scrubbing… This stuff has some NASTY sticking power… Can't get the smell off your fingers for several days either. Anyway… It really is GOOD stuff!!!!
- Craig Aylsworth (Michigan), A/C Cobra, 514 Ford, Tremec TKO…

All I can say is WOW!! Now I know low ETs are possible with this setup after all ...Ultra-Shift completely transformed a notchy slow shifting tranny to a quick and very, very (did I mention very) smooth shifting with great feel, even at 6200rpm, any gear. If you have a notchy slow shifting, big clutched, high hp/reving motor, do the above. I couldn't ask for a better feeling setup (my Z06 doing 12.5s has less feel than this thing). No excuses anymore! Good stuff guys. Thanks!
- Armin Aubusaidi (California), AC Cobra, 514 Ford, Tremec TKO...

...there has been a gradual improvement over every mile & the tranny is
much smoother than before… I take my hat off to ya !! A definite THUMBS UP !!
- Albert Lennon (Ireland), A/C Cobra, 418 Ford, Tremec 3550…

...I just put in the Ultra Shift… Really makes a difference!  thanks!
- Bob Schjerven (Texas), A/C Cobra, 427 Ford, Tremec 3550…

...I have finally been able to put some miles on after changing the trans lube. It works! The shifting is noticeably smoother! What is in that stuff? It sure smells bad!!!! It acted like
there was no surface tension to this elixir. It sticks to everything. Thanks I will order more for my boss 302.
- Dan Mroz (Indiana), A/C Cobra, 351 Ford, Tremec 3550, Owner- Mroz Complete Auto Center

The below is a VERY Rare occurrence, but if it does happen know that we have you covered!

™ works so good, that in some transmissions other than the Tremec 3550, 500 & 600, Top Loader, T-10 and Rock Crushers, this incredible lubricant can actually be "too" slippery! If that is the case where the shifting is smoother but wants to grind before going into gear, the simple and very effective solution is to dilute the powerful super slick additives in the Ultra-Shift™ with our EPL™ 75w90 Gear Oil (CLICK HERE) until you achieve the absolute perfect shift. Typically a 2:1 ratio is the most you will ever need to add.

To do this, follow this example... Say your transmission has a 3 quart capacity. To dilute the
Ultra-Shift™ to 2:1, drain out 1/2 of the transmission's capacity (in this case, 1.5 quarts). Then fill back up again with the 75w90 EPL™ Gear oil and the fluid will mix as you drive. It may take a while for the super slick film provided by the Ultra-Shift™ to wear off, so give it several hundred miles to take full effect. You can dilute the Ultra-Shift™ Less initially, then keep adding the EPL™ as needed to get the best shift possible.

EPL™ is not just a standard gear oil, and adding any other oil in this process will not achieve the same results.